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I had bone spur surgery and now need Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

Posted by SherryH on 6/13/04 at 13:43 (152890)

I had bone spur surgery Dec. 2003. I was off work for almost 12 weeks. I begged to go back to work even though I was still limping. My foot was numb from my ankle down. Especially the bottom of my foot. I was having a terrible time with the nerves in my foot. I was experiencing shoots of pain through my foot, sharp needle like pains, and I told my doc. it sounding crazy but it felt like my foot was in a bag of popcorn being popped in the microwave. He said I had a weird foot and that he did not do anything to my foot but remove the bone spur. I finally went to a ortho surgeon. He sent me for a nerve test where they insert needles into your leg and foot and send electrical current through your foot. Then when that test came back saying I had nerve damage... he sent me to get a MRI... Then he told me that I had TTS. That I could wait and see if it would get better on it's own, or I could opt to have surgery. After the bone spur surgery... the first doc sent me to physical therpy... for 25 visits... none of which helped with the pain... it did make my foot more mobile. So now the new doc wants to do the TTS surgery... He said it would not make my foot worse.. but could make it better in a shorter period of time... Then he says I will need to have the bone spur removed from that foot because the first doc did not get it all.... The new doc said he wants to do the orthotripsy... which is non evasive... But that would not happen until around Sept. or Oct. I have read some things on line about TTS... and now I don't feel weird... because so many other people have the same symptoms that I have.... I thought I was going crazy...

Re: I had bone spur surgery and now need Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

marie on 6/13/04 at 21:37 (152913)

Be really careful about jumping into tts surgery. You really should wait until you've exhausted every other treatment. No you're not crazy we have all been through this but we're a little nuts. (:(PIPE)

best wishes marie

Re: I had bone spur surgery and now need Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

LARA on 6/15/04 at 12:18 (153082)

I'm not sure your doctor is right that surgery won't make it worse. Sharon (haven't seen her post lately but was an excellent source for infomration) once said that after research she found that most people were better, some people were the same (after the recuperation period was over) and about 10% (I think) were worse off. There are people on the board that report getting worse. That's why most of us say that surgery is a good solution to consider AFTER you've tried everything less invasive.