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Decreased activity in foot on bone scan.

Posted by Debbie Brown on 6/13/04 at 15:32 (152896)

I have had heel pain and pain around the ankle for a few months. It started as minor heel pain after Cajun dancing. Then the stretching caused pain around the ankle area. Heel injection, taping and hard arch support made it worse.

I am now in a hard cast to help rest the foot. I have constant pain which decreases with rest, but increases if I put wt on the foot.I am trying to totally stay off the foot, but that is hard since I am self-employed and live alone in a house.

My question: My bone scan showed significant decreased activity in the hurt right foot. My Dr's do not know what that means and are baffled, it seems. There is some numbness in the foot and sometimes some minor swelling.

Any ideas?

The left foot is fine.
Thank you!

Debbie Brown