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Great Shoe Store for people with bad feet

Posted by Shoeguy, Dan on 6/15/04 at 10:51 (153062)

I highly Recommend you got to http://www.dalesshoes.com if your looking for shoes to help you with your feet problems, dales shoes is an independant family owned buisness that operates in Daytona Beach, Florida. The staff is very knowledgable about shoes and foot problems, they carry anything from shoes approved for diabetics, to socks and even inserts. If you have any questions you can e-mail them through the website, or call them toll free at 1-888-550-SHOE(7463) I hope this information helps!

Re: Great Shoe Store for people with bad feet

Moderator on 6/15/04 at 10:56 (153064)

Just to let you know, advertisers are allowed only six posts per year. This is your third.