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Posted by Amy E on 6/15/04 at 15:39 (153108)

I suffer from plantar fascitis on my two feet and also have fallen arches on both feet.. I have been wearing orthotics for the past year and a half but today I collapsed and have been feeling unwell. I heard this was one of the symptoms of the above and was just wondering if you could confirm or advise me on same as i can not afford to go to my doctor

thanks a million

Re: fainting

Dr. Z on 6/15/04 at 16:27 (153114)

You need to see a medical immediately. Collapsing and fainting and feeling unwell isn't typical of plantar fasciitis. Please this could be serious

Re: fainting

Susan S on 6/16/04 at 07:42 (153152)

I'm not a doctor, but one thing you need to get checked right away is your hemoglobin. If that's the problem, it can get extremely serious. (I know.) There should be a public clinic in your town that you can go to.