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Elyse B

Posted by Place on 6/15/04 at 20:18 (153139)

Are still feeling slightly better? When is your next appointment?

Re: Elyse B

Elyse B on 6/16/04 at 07:07 (153148)

hi Place, my next appointment is tomorrow then Monday. I am giving him 4 sessions. I start physical therapy on Tuesday and will work on that. My quandry is orthotics. I have new ones and I am not wearing them at all because my feet seem to feel better without them but I wonder. My calf muscles are really tight and I wonder if orthotics would help that. In any case, I do think I feel better. It is a tiny improvement not much. My fascia is really, really sore from the graston technique and hopefully he will do more on Thursday. I am definitely going to keep everyone posted. If you want to e-mail me off line (email removed)

Re: To: Place

John from MN on 6/16/04 at 09:48 (153164)


Your first visit is usually an hour and a half and may not include treatment. Make sure he starts treatment your first visit. You might be there 2 1/2 hours the first time. Since you are from out of town I think he would make an exception.

After treatment I would stick around and do all your exercises at his clinic. You may be there half the day your first visit.

Make sure you bring lose fitting cloths like you would wear to the gym and bring several ice packs with you to ice your foot at the hotel room. Ask Doctor Sandell if he has special arrangements with the local hotels for rates. There is an Extended Stay right by where you can stay the whole week for $269. I

I made it a full time job to get better and it sure paid off.

Good luck.

Re: To: John from MN, Thank you!

Place on 6/17/04 at 16:14 (153322)

I can't thank you enough for the information! Just like you I have decided to make finding some resolution to my feet pain a full time job. Thanks again!!!!