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My continuing saga

Posted by wendyn on 6/16/04 at 13:38 (153181)

For any of you still interested in my long sordid tale....I finally saw the rheumatologist today. She was very nice, and spent about 45 minutes asking me 1,267,892 questions and doing a thorough exam. She set my personal record for number of blood tests ordered:

Alkaline Phosphatase
Serum Protein
Anti-Nuclear Antibodies
Rheumatoid Factor
Serum-Ace Level

and lower back/SI joint xrays

Like the other doctors, she suspects (as evidenced by the blood work) some type of underlying inflammatory condition...new name dropped today - possibly sarcoidosis. Looked it up, sounds eerily familiar to everything that's happened to me. But, then again, many of them have. So, we soldier on - and hope for answers one day!

If the blood test and xrays cannot prove any thing conclusive, they will biopsy a lump and see if that provides anything enlightening.

Re: My continuing saga

Dorothy on 6/16/04 at 15:13 (153185)

Wendy - I do hope this leads you to good answers and to restorative solutions...and peace of mind about it all wouldn't hurt either. Good luck and best wishes -

Re: My continuing saga

Pauline on 6/16/04 at 15:55 (153190)

Are you sure you're not donating to the Red Cross? On a serious note I hope through all the questions and tests they finally get to the bottom of
your problem. You've suffer a long time. Keep positive that results will be forth coming and that help will follow.

Re: My continuing saga

Suzanne D. on 6/16/04 at 22:07 (153216)

Wendy, I, too, hope you get some answers so that you will be able to have the best care and treatment possible. You seem to be a very logical and practical person, and I know you will handle all this with your usual steady resolve.

I hope it helps a little to know that you have a friend in Kentucky who remembers you And your family often. You all are in my prayers.

Take care,
Suzanne :)

Re: My continuing saga

carynz on 6/16/04 at 22:13 (153217)

heh there,

only in Canada eh!!!! I remember being poked that many times a long time ago, I hope they can do all those tests with one poke and a gazillion tubes. You may be a little dizzy afterwards (no I don't mean a dizzy blonde either.....)

It's mighty hot out here in the fraser valley - heatwave is upon us. The last 2 days have been 27/28 and tomorrow through Monday supposed to hit 32 to 35 (celcius - approx 96f) - I feel the beach coming on.


Re: My continuing saga

marie on 6/16/04 at 22:28 (153219)

Hey Wendy,

I sure hope that you get some answers. Goodness knows you deserve one! You and your family are always in my prayers.

best wishes marie

Re: My continuing saga

wendyn on 6/16/04 at 23:05 (153227)

Thanks all!!

I did ask if I would have any blood left - she said that many of the tests can be done out of the same vial. Here's hoping anyway. I'm pretty much past the point of being worried about systemic causes for my problems. I've come to terms with the fact that that's what it is - I just want a name for it. That's even what I told the doctor - 'Just give it a name' and I will move on with my life.

Re: My continuing saga

Carole C in NOLA on 6/17/04 at 09:14 (153246)

Wendy, I'm glad your doctor has some ideas as to what might be causing your symptoms! I fully understand the desire, even need, to have a name for what you are enduring.

And who knows? Once she has diagnosed the condition, she may be able to find a treatment for it. Whatever happens, we are all hoping for the best for you.

Carole C

Re: My continuing saga

Kathy G on 6/18/04 at 10:05 (153382)


I'm so glad you finally got to see a Rheumatologist. Hopefully, your blood sacrifice will result in some definitive diagnosis!

As you say, you just want a name for what you have and you'll go from there.

Here's hoping you find out it's a minor, treatable condition with a name. Otherwise, it could be just a benign form of 'Wendyitis,' which would be just fine, too, as long as it doesn't continue to get worse! :)

Seriously, your family has had enough problems of late and it would be nice to find out, once and for all, what's going on. I'm glad she spent so much time with you.

Keep us posted!

Re: My continuing saga

Necee on 6/19/04 at 03:07 (153482)

I wish you all the best Wendy.
Let us know what the reports reveal.