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Only in NYC

Posted by Elyse B on 6/17/04 at 08:56 (153239)

Only in NYC can this chiropractor charge me $185.00 for the first visit and then pass me off to a physical therapist for visit no. 2 at $120 a session who does not even do graston technique. The nerve to think he gets away with that nonsense. And he does because people who are in pain will do anything. NOT ME!! Why do that when I can go to a physical therapist which is covered by insurance. Shocking.

Re: Only in NYC

john h on 6/17/04 at 09:13 (153245)

Elyse: A year or more ago I had 7 sessions with a Chriopractor. The total cost was $225.

I think that a typical Medicare reimbursment for a visit to a family Doctor is around $20. I cannot get out of my Vetenarians office for less than $50 and it is usually much more than that. George my cat with the very bad broken leg ended up costing $725 for surgery and a three day stay. Added information: My vet is the one who took care of Bill Clinton's cat 'Socks'. Bill the sorry devil gave Socks to his secretary and got a dog which was run over.

Having multiple cats and a wife I never plan on retiring.

Re: Only in NYC

john h on 6/17/04 at 09:15 (153247)

Elyse move across the river to New Jersey. Tony Soprano seems to like it over there. Trenton is a wonderful town. My daughter was born in Mt Holly so not bad mouth me Dr. Z.

Re: Only in NYC

John from MN on 6/17/04 at 09:16 (153248)

Send this guy a message, don't pay his bill. He wasted your time and confidence. I think that's unethical what he did to you. You told him up front what you expected and he did not deliver. Get the word out on this board NOT to see this guy.

Re: Only in NYC

Place on 6/17/04 at 10:00 (153260)

I can't believe it, that is insane. I agree with John from MN, don't pay the bill, hopefully you did not give cash, the rest you can stop. I would even file a complaint with the BBB. Because of all this I get from some of these doc's I have become very strait forward and abrasive, which is very difficult because of my passive- no conflict nature =) but very much needed to deal with some of these scaming doc's.

Re: Only in NYC

Elyse B on 6/17/04 at 10:11 (153264)

Unfortunately this is the state of the medical system in the United States. Go figure. I loved Socks, he was adorable. I have 2 cats and give one intraveneous injections every day.

Re: Only in NYC

Elyse B on 6/17/04 at 10:12 (153265)

Place tell me about Dr. Sandell, how many treatments are you planning on going to see him for? What about the woman yesterday? How do you feel today?

I don't know how to stop payment.

Re: Only in NYC

Elyse B on 6/17/04 at 11:37 (153286)

yes it is unethical but not illegal how do you prove that.

Re: Only in NYC

Dorothy on 6/17/04 at 16:23 (153323)

You wrote 'I have 2 cats and give one intraveneous injections every day.'

A hobby? An experiment?


Re: Only in NYC

Elyse B on 6/18/04 at 08:17 (153368)

he has renal/kidney failure and it it like dialysis. A hobby? I hate doing it, poor kitty.

Re: Only in NYC

Dorothy on 6/18/04 at 12:34 (153411)

I'm sorry, Elyse - it's just my 'skewed' sense of humor that sometimes I can't repress. Seriously, it is very kind of you to take care of your cat this way and I'm sure it is not an easy thing to do. I remember once trying to give a cat a bath - and taking a long time for the scratches to heal! so you must have a good 'way' with your cat to be able to give it shots every day.

Re: Only in NYC

Elyse B on 6/18/04 at 12:43 (153414)

no problem, I understand. He is 14 and we lost his brother 2 1/2 years ago to renal failure. It is not really so terrible, he is a good boy and does not mind and he feels better with fluids. Thankfully he is declawed!!!