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Dr. Sarno

Posted by john h on 6/17/04 at 09:27 (153250)

Dr. Sarno now has his book presented in the form of VHS video. You can view some excerpts from the video on the following website. He has written three books on pain and in particualr back pain. I also found a three CD collection of his lectures on pain on ebay. I put in a bid and am the only bidder so do not try to out bid me


Re: Dr. Sarno

Dorothy on 6/17/04 at 09:40 (153254)

John H -
I am extremely grateful for this link. I did not know Dr. Sarno had any videos or audio/visual materials available, but I do have his books. I read them some years ago when reading everything I could about backs. I know that people who have been able to actually be involved with Dr. Sarno's program in person have benefitted greatly so I am most interested in the videos. Not cheap though; I may have to put this on my 'wish-wait list'. Good luck on ebay!!

Re: Dr. Sarno

Vern S. on 6/17/04 at 10:07 (153262)

I read his Mind Body Connection closely and thoughtfully. I was not able to gain any pain relief from it.
My recollection of his theme was facing repressed anger. None of the Pods I have seen asked me about repressed anger. Perhaps his books have not persuaded many Pods of his asserted solution.

Re: Dr. Sarno

Madrid on 6/17/04 at 19:04 (153340)


Thanks for the link. In reading Dr. Sarno's book I realized that much of my PF pain came from constant worry and anxiety. I still have a bit of pain and lethargy but hopefully with time I will get over it. I hope more people on this board tune into this theory.

Re: Dr. Sarno

Elyse B on 6/18/04 at 08:38 (153369)

I think it takes a long time to grasp Dr. Sarno's concepts which are blasphemous and considered hokey by many in the medical community. I, for one, believe in it. Do you really think a doctor is going to ask you about repressed anger, especially a podiatrist? Yikes, I don't think so. It is my opinion and only MY opinion, that podiatrists have a very narrow treatment for PF and that is orthotics and then of course ESWT.