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Ice cold laser therapy from chiropractic?

Posted by John Martello on 6/17/04 at 18:36 (153338)

Have anyone heard of this and success with this treatm,ent ? I know of a chiropractor in town that is using this treatment for tendonitis.

Re: Ice cold laser therapy from chiropractic?

Ed Davis,DPM on 6/19/04 at 15:22 (153513)

Laser is focused light of a specific wavelength. Light is a form of energy and when energy is applied to tissues, heat occurs. The concept of a 'cold' laser implies that a very low energy, that is, not enough to generate heat is used. Based on the application of very low energy I would question its efficacy. Although, some may point out that there are specific areas such as accupuncture points which may respond to lower energies.