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John in MN

Posted by Dorothy on 6/18/04 at 12:37 (153412)

John - I don't recall if you said, but did/do you have any problems with your Achilles tendons and if so, was this also treated by Dr. Sandell?? And the outcome??

Re: John in MN

John from MN on 6/18/04 at 12:43 (153413)


I was amazed at what Dr. Sandell said he could fix with his treatment. Most of his patients are chronic pain sufferers and have already seen several Dr.'s.

Dr. Sandell can treat Achilies tendons, tarsel tunnel, carpel tunnel, slipped disks, knee injuries, PF, etc. It is always best to go to the source and ask him about the treatment. But I know he treats a ton of different conditions.