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scar in ball of foot

Posted by sandyP on 6/18/04 at 21:31 (153466)

For 30 yrs, I've suffered from a scar with a callus in the ball of my foot. I use a sharp blade to scrape hard skin-it keeps coming back. A doctor injected something through the top of my foot,and told me it would dissolve the scar tissue, I laughed. I asked another dr. if this was possible, he said yes! A few days later all pain was gone and I could barely see the scar. For 2 months I tried a knife, no hard skin, it appeared to be totally gone!!!!I was over joyed!!But now its back, what happened and what do I do now?

Re: scar in ball of foot

carolyn on 6/19/04 at 11:50 (153495)

I have the exact same problem!!
What did he inject??
so very painful
any help appreciated