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Strengthening foot muscles

Posted by Pete R on 6/19/04 at 03:37 (153483)

Other than Foottrainer has anyone got any ideas on actually strengthening the muscles of the foot ? This would seem to be a potential symptom of foot problems. Orthotics in some ways probably make muscles weaker by doing the work for them. I have just started using my foottrainer again but wonder what you all think.

Not sure whether Dr Sandell's treatment plan addresses this ?

Re: Strengthening foot muscles

john h on 6/19/04 at 14:07 (153504)

Pete some of the exercises the PT is having me do:

1. Attach something like a belt to my foot which is attached to some weights on a machine (10-15 lbs). I then, with attached belt taught. piviot my foot on the heel to the outside for a series of lifts and then switching feet and doing the other foot. Depending on how I am sitting on a bench I piviot the foot both to the left and right lifting the weight. Sort of hard to explain. At home I have a very thick piece of rubber. One end I tie around the foot while sitting in a chair. The other end I step on with my other foot while on the floor. I spread my feet enough to tighten up the rubber rope and then pivot the foot on my heal outward for several series. You can control the tension by how far out you stretch the rubber rope before you begin.

2. He has me doing a series of toe and heel raises by just pushing up on my toes and then a series on my heels while standing.

3. He has a circular device that look like a big frisbee. One side is flat and the other raised in the middle. I place my foot on the flat side with the device on the floor while I am sitting and then rotatate my foot in a circle using foot and ankle so as to have all parts of the frisbee type device touch the floor as I rotate it with my foot in a circle. Do it in both directions.


Re: Strengthening foot muscles

Place on 6/19/04 at 19:57 (153524)

I do those and also:

1. I pick up marbles with my toes. or lay a towel down and scrunch your toes up so you are draging the towel under your arches untill the whole towl is bunched up under your feet.

2. Sometimes in the hot tub, I will just point and flex my feet at least 50 times each. it works the muscles and gives a good streach

3. I write the alphabet with my toes.