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Outside & back of left heel . . . pain

Posted by Guy U on 6/20/04 at 01:03 (153532)

A few months ago I started having noticeable pain in my left heel. It is nearly at the very back but a bit to the outside. I am 30 years old and have never been treated for any leg or foot related injuries. I have read a great deal online and found substantial info about heelspurs and plantar fasciitis but the location of my pain seems inconsistent with either of their symptoms. It is occasionally worse in the mornings but not present at all. I notice it most if I am off my feet for 20 minutes or so and then get up and start walking again. I spend probably 90% of my 8 hour work day standing or walking on concrete. I recently bought some shoes that have built in Dr. Scholl's insoles and I would like to say that the pain is lessening but I'm not certain. If I prop my foot up on something that's not padded, I have to be careful because the area that hurts is VERY tender as though perhaps I've slightly torn my achille's tendon or something, is this a possibility? Thank you in advance for any information.

Re: Outside & back of left heel . . . pain

Steve V on 6/21/04 at 12:14 (153606)

I have the same problem as yours, but it is on my right outside heel. Doctors just gave me prescription pills for 2 weeks - after a week it got better but in the the third week (no more pill) I am in pain again in the mornings -sometimes have to move about on my knees!! Now the doc. gave me enough pills for a month then come back and see him again????!!#$%&*

Re: Outside & back of left heel . . . pain

Guy U on 6/21/04 at 17:46 (153641)

It sounds like he's just giving you pain killers. If that's the case they aren't helping at all and in preventing you from feeling the pain could potentially allow you to do something that makes whatever is wrong, worse. If you don't know you're tearing a tendon you won't ease off, ya know? I did a lot of reading on the web and my pain (our pain) sounds like possibly a slightly torn achilles tendon. I'd like to know what, if anything, I can do to speed up the healing and possibly prevent it from getting worse and even maybe keep it from happening again.