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Plantar Faciaits and Post tibial tendonitis

Posted by karenfla on 6/20/04 at 11:32 (153543)

I was diagnosed with PF over 3 years ago, went to a Pod, got taped for a few weekd and them hard fiberglass orthotics. It took about a year and a half, but I finally was able to walk without pain. I took that to mean I was okay (as long as I wore my orthoitics) and decided to up my activity levels, but 4 months ago, injured both feet in an aerobics class I had no business taking.
This time I had no heel pain getting out of bed, but Pain at attachment point in heel was felt as well as under arch and inside anlke, just under the bump.(Post tibial tendon?). Anyway, I was on the mend, with physical therapy, but then over stretched and then over did it again. Right was worse thatn left, but after crutchin around on the left for a monthe it finally gave out. I went to 2 different doctors and both told me a shot and a caston the right. 3 weeks in a cast, 6 weeks in a wheelchair and PT in a pool and Iontoferiesis, and now I have my last PT appt tomorrow. I am walking, small amounts, but still with pain. I have been completely of my feet for 2 months, and I still can't walk very far..what do you suggest?

Is the post tibial/PF problem common? I felt that stretching the PF casued more Post tib problems, is that possible? Any hope for me?