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my 2 cents...

Posted by goose on 6/21/04 at 13:56 (153619)

Hi gang,

Well, I have had 3 appointment with Dr. Sandell, 2 of which included actual treatment. He has worked on my right foot twice since it is my 'bad foot'. The first time was definitely uncomfortable but manageable. Today, it was really intense and painful but that's okay. Not like childbirth (not that I would know). The 'brass knuckles' are actually a plastic back rubbing tool like you buy at Bath & BodyWorks. No brass involved. He just uses them when his fingers get tired, which happens because the pressure is great. After TFM, he also does ultrasound, a technique (like Graston?) to stretch the PF, foot manipulations, lower back adjustments ands stretching all based on my unique issues. He said this might be my worst week as far as pain and inflamation goes. He also said that he could tell we made progress today and that I should see some improvements in the next two weeks in time for my trip. I'm not expecting a miracle in two weeks, just improvement (a miracle would be great by the end of summer, just in case anyone is giving them out). No walking program yet- just regular activities. I am really impressed so far.

We talked about the issues raised on this board and he finds it difficult to answer questions because he doesn't know the whole story behind each of your unique issues. If this treatments works, it would be my hope that each of you could find someone similar close to you. I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to try this close to home. I will keep you posted!

I will be happy to answer any questions based upon my experiences so far...


Re: my 2 cents...

goose on 6/21/04 at 14:08 (153620)

Also, I was talking to some friends who are young PTs and they both know and practice TFM. They also talked about the need for body alignment, biomechancis, etc. Not to generalize unfairly, but seems like many of the younger therapists seem to be more up-to-date on these helpful treatments....

Re: my 2 cents...

Elyse B on 6/21/04 at 14:15 (153622)

Wow Goose, I am very happy for you and impressed with Dr. Sandell's treatments. How many treatments a week does he recommend, i.e., back to back or a day in between? Any 'guess' on how long he thinks it might take? Also is he giving you any stretching or strengthing exercises?

Re: my 2 cents...

Gary T on 6/21/04 at 14:17 (153623)


Glad to see things are going well for you with Dr. Sandell. Is it too early to tell if this treatment is going to work? Would you reccomend him at this point?

Re: my 2 cents...

goose on 6/21/04 at 14:22 (153624)

Hi Elyse,

I am going 2-3 times per week with a couple days off in between for about 4 weeks. It all depends on how it goes. My program is basic calf strethes (straight leg and bent knee), standing on one barefoot for 1 minute to work on my propioception and exercises to combat shin splints for when I start running. Running? I'll believe that one when I see it.

Re: my 2 cents...

Vern S. on 6/21/04 at 14:54 (153627)

GOOSE & PLACE- I'm not usually paranoid, but when I hear something too good to be true, and then testimonials follow, I begin to wonder. Since other people in pain are relying on your reporting, it would be nice to establish that you exist beyond an e-mail nickname and have no relationship with Dr. Sandell other than as a new full-pay patient.
I'm not knowledgable about how this is done on message boards to prevent spoofs, but I expect this bridge has been crossed before.
No offense intended.

Re: my 2 cents...

Elyse B on 6/21/04 at 14:57 (153628)

Goose, what is propioception? Running, you go girl, I have a ton of races coming up in July and August. Especially a 5 miler on August 21. Barefoot, that goes against the grain of everything doesn't it? I was just wondering if you can do those treatments on consecutive days or do you have to give the foot time to 'heal' before another treatment. 4 weeks sounds good as John from MN said he was 'cured' in 3 months.

Re: my 2 cents...

goose on 6/21/04 at 15:07 (153631)

No offense taken...

Hmmm- can I send you my bill? I guess you could check my previous posts and see that I have been posting here for awhile. I do understand your concerns. I am trying to be objective but of course I am *hoping* this will work so maybe I seem a little too positive. Time will tell!


Re: my 2 cents...

john h on 6/21/04 at 21:26 (153661)

Vern: One should always display some skepticism as we who suffer with PF are really vulnerable to most anyone who promises a cure. We have had frauds appear on this board before and people with ulterior motives. I have personally tried some things for PF that beyond all reason I knew would not work. What is that saying? 'If it appears to good to be true it probably is not'.

Re: my 2 cents...

place on 6/22/04 at 18:46 (153716)


No worries mate, my mind also went through that! It's a crazy world we live in! You can email me at (email removed) or my Ohio State University email place.22@osu.edu I know I can get to the net zero from the web, but not sure about my osu account.

Re: my 2 cents...

Pauline on 6/22/04 at 21:22 (153733)

Good answer Goose. It always appears that any other doctor that comes to this site with a different treatment is always questioned as was Dr. Kiper's about his unconventional orthotics yet it appears that their treatment or product works for some people. Even Dr. Reynolds Jade Cream help some including me. I still use it on and off.

How fast we forget that we haven't seen a great number of cures from ESWT on this site either, but you watch they will start popping up after this post.

I still say this site appears very territorial to me, and to encourage any other possible form of treatment is highly discouraged.

If it turns out that Goose is cured, will she too be considered a plant for Dr. Sandell?

Re: my 2 cents...

Dr. Z on 6/22/04 at 22:02 (153734)

. I have encouraged Dr. Sandell's postings, welcome him as well as most of the new doctors who come to this site.
I just don't understand what you point is.

Re: my 2 cents...

Pauline on 6/22/04 at 22:26 (153737)

Dr. Z,
What do you mean when you say you welcomed 'most' of the doctors. Were there some that you didn't welcome?

Re: my 2 cents...

john h on 6/23/04 at 09:27 (153750)

Pauline: Our old Jade Cream is no more. It was replaced by Wheat Grass Cream. I found it good for massaging he foot but no curative power. I still have some Wheat Grass Cream and he URL.

Re: my 2 cents...

Pauline on 6/23/04 at 12:55 (153760)

I stocked up and still have several tubes of the old cream. I have also used the new one. Still like the stuff and wouldn't be without it.

Re: my 2 cents...Blue Knobber Massager Tool

Anne L on 7/01/04 at 04:08 (154306)


For those on a tight budget, the 'brass knuckle'-like plastic back rubbing tool at Bath & Body Works (BBW) is still on sale until July 05, 2004. The plastic back massage knobber tool is on sale at $2.00 plus sales tax. The tool's price is 75% off of $8.00.

Like y'all, I am skeptical about all of those expensive PF aids and tools (trial and error method). I am not a doctor, and I have no association with Bath & Body Works and other stores. I am just a thrifty shopper.

The same knobber tool at a Back Products store is sold for $10.00. At online stores, the same knobber tool starts at $8.00. See the following websites for a reference picture:


http://www.comfortchannel.com/prod.itml/icOid/911 ,

The blue clear plastic back rubbing tool is called the 'Roll Over Back Massager' from the True Blue Spa line. That product is just like the Index Knobber II Hand Held Massage Tool. I purchased one of the Roll Over massager tool after reading Goose's 'My 2 Cents...'.

Check the location of your nearest BBW stores, and call them to, perhaps, reserve a knobber tool for you to pick up by Saturday. At the four stores in my area, the blue plastic knobber tools were in the True Blue Spa line area, and not in the 75% off sale area. One store had the knobbers tucked in a bottom drawer. So, you may have a very good chance of picking one up for $2.00 plus sales tax.

Before you purchase the knobber tool, check for any scratches in the plastic, especially around the massaging ball and surface points.

The only problem was that there were no instructions. So, I read instructions from the Index Knobber II tool leaflet at the Back Products store, and here is my take on the applications:

1) Like on the websites above, by holding the tool in your fist around the finger grips, you can perform some deep tissue massaging with the ball knob. But, be careful not to hurt yourself. It is a bit awkward for a person to hold the knobber tool in one hand and to self-massage one's own opposite foot. Or you can have a friend help with the massaging.

2) It felt better to hold the knobber tool as shown and massage the opposite foot with the bottom end knob. Or you can flip the knobber tool upside down and massage with the other end of the knob.

3) You can use the flat dome side to massage the arch by gripping the finger ridge side of the tool with the fingers through the hole and the thumb around the single ball knob.

The arch and heel massaging with the knobber tool felt good to me. Regular thumbs and knuckles massaging were hurting my hands. It may be different for others. If the knobber tool does not work for you, you can just wash it up and return it. So, make sure that you keep the sales receipt.

Again, be careful not to hurt your feet more than you should with the deep tissue massaging. After massaging, you should follow-up with the icing.

Thank you to all of the awesome people at this website who have given their great advice, suggestions and opinions!!!

Re: my 2 cents...Blue Knobber Massager Tool

Anne L on 7/01/04 at 04:44 (154309)

July 05, 2004 is Monday (oops, new month). More time to shop!

It is a bit late for me, or maybe, a bit early.