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The Dr. Sandell Reports

Posted by Dorothy on 6/21/04 at 15:29 (153632)

I believe it was goose who wrote the following: 'We talked about the issues raised on this board and he finds it difficult to answer questions because he doesn't know the whole story behind each of your unique issues.'

BUT the questions that have been asked do not have anything to do with any of our specific 'stories'... so I don't understand his reluctance and I feel disappointed - except he did mention his time constraints and that I do understand. However, I think that a one-time period of answering the most basic questions would be helpful and perhaps we could pay him for his time to do that.

Some of the basic, non-patient-specific, questions that have been asked include Marty's: Who is most likely to perform these (TFM, Graston) techniques - chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists?? or (me) what kind of training and from where obtained should we be asking a practitioner about?? What schools might we ask about where these techniques are emphasized (for example, WHERE did Dr. Sandell get HIS training???) What disorders can these techniques be used for - PF, Achilles tendon problems, sciatica, are a few disorders asked about - ?? Can Dr. Sandell/staff compile a resource list of practitioners he knows of (trained with him/educated with him, for example) in a state by state list?? Perhaps we could reimburse him for that service/pay for the list - something like that. What about people with any degree of overweight and their benefitting from the treatments??
Here are two good questions: Can Dr. Sandell tell you at the first appointment with him what will be the treatment plan and approximately how long one will need to see him?? And do these treatments have to occur within a narrow time frame or can one go for a week or two then return home then go back for further treatments at a later time?? The thinking behind that question being that then one would not have to be away from home/obligations for such a long chunk of time at once.....?????? I think we all hoped to get some answers to some basic questions Sunday and may be feeling a little disappointed that has not happened and feeling disappointed may be unfair since no promises were made. It was nice of Dr. Sandell to post his informational message. I'm a little discouraged, that's all. Don't mind me... But I do think our questions are basic, reasonable and important.

Re: The Dr. Sandell Reports

Pauline on 6/21/04 at 20:58 (153657)

I'm not certain that anyone can tell us how long a person would have to undergo Dr. Sandell's type of treatment because the bottom line is that the body must heal itself.

All forms of treatment can aid in this process, but ultimately the time frame depends on how one's body responds to the treatment whether it be friction massage, ESWT, or just plain old time.

My own personal opinion is that Dr. Sandell's treatment does have merit and the reason I say this is because of his posting sounding very similar to what I was told my the P.T. who worked on me during my first case of P.F. She had the same line of reasoning.

Should people travel to Dr. Sandell for treatment? I'm not certain. First I would try to find someone local to provide treatment through P.T if you have insurance coverage. It took one month 3 times a week before I began to see any type of improvement. My total treatment time was for 3 times per week for about 8 weeks if I recall correctly. That was back in 1993.

Re: The Dr. Sandell Reports

Dr. Z on 6/22/04 at 00:49 (153673)

The body only heals by the three phases that Dr. Sandell describes. There are specific time frames for each phase. The problem is the body does understand time