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A reason to be glad?

Posted by Elyse B on 6/22/04 at 13:52 (153710)

well I might be having an out of body experience, but things are looking up. I thought that I might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel last Thursday as I have been pretty low on the pain register since then. I walked 2 miles on Sunday on concrete, I know very bad. I had the orthotics I had made by the pedorthist adjusted yesterday and they actually feel pretty good and I have been wearing them all day today.

Today I went to see the physical therapist and showed him all the printouts from Dr. Sandell. Of course he was skeptical and said it was 'nothing new' to him. He called it a 'horse by another name.' He did some TFM, ultrasound and we did stretching on the slant board which is what he wants me to do at home. With straight legs and bent legs, 30 seconds 5 times. He said I do not need night splints as I have no morning pain. He did say that my dorsiflexion is pretty good so I must have been stretching some and he only sees that I need to get a little past 90 degrees when I bend back my feet which he believes should not be much longer if I continue to stretch. He says my feet are pretty flexible which I could not believe.

In any case, he looked at my orthotics and watched me walk and frankly said he does not even really see the reason I need them but the ones the pedorthist made are very good and soft, and since I do not need much correction he said wear them as an 'innersole.' He feels that I won't be needing them very shortly.

I will continue to see him for as long as my insurance allows me to. He said go out and run/walk but don't go crazy and do 5 miles. He said my feet might be sore after the walk/run but not to worry about it. I am very nervous about it and feel like I might be babying things but he said to do it but I am going to take it very, very, very easy and have a light walk on dirt tonight. No concrete for a while.

In any case, I pray that this thing might be over or at least I am on the road to recovery. I will keep you posted and wish you all the best.

Re: A reason to be glad?

Pauline on 6/22/04 at 20:58 (153728)

Hoping your at the top of the mountain looking down and that indeed is the road to recovery. It really sounds like it. Don't feel bad if you experience a set back or two, because I think you'll find that it won't last but a couple of days.

It sounds like the inflammation is down or gone and your stretching has really helped. I will indeed pray that your P.T. can take care of the rest. Wishing you a very speedy recovery from here on out.

Re: A reason to be glad?

Elyse B on 6/23/04 at 07:00 (153745)

thanks Pauline for your good wishes, made it through 2 miles last night of walking and running. Came home and iced and stretched. Feet a little sore but nothing I cannot deal with. I am going to continue with physical therapy and do Graston technique once a month. I am 'terrified' of running on concrete as that is what I believe caused this for me and of course overuse.

Re: A reason to be glad?

Dorothy on 6/23/04 at 14:41 (153766)

Elyse B - have you started the Graston technique yet?? If so - or when you do - will you 'report' here about it? I can't quite get my mind around that one - it sounds very uncomfortable, using metal implements across/pressed into?? the tissue. As you no doubt can tell, I am completely ignorant about it - and so, hope that you will educate and share your experiences. Thanks.

Re: A reason to be glad?

Elyse B on 6/23/04 at 14:47 (153769)

Hi Dorothy. I had one session and had to find a new doctor and if you read my other posting you would see why. There are about 5 practitioners of Graston in NYC and 3 of them work in the same office as the one doctor I had to give up.

It is uncomfortable but not any more uncomfortable than deep tissue massage or transverse friction massage. It really was not bad at all but then again, I am convinced I have a mild case and my tissues are not inflammed. Now don't get me wrong, if they hit a tender spot, you do hit the roof. Did you look it up on the internet? It is like the dull edge of butter knife. There are different sizes for different parts of your body.

I am seeing another doctor on Friday who does Graston and transverse friction. She is a chiropractor like Dr. Sandell and has the same credentials. Of course Dr. Sandell in his posting says that he has the 'magic' touch and obviously his combination of modalities seems to work for at least John in MN. My feet are doing better but they are definitely not great and I will report back on Friday after my session.