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I got 2 more minutes left before....

Posted by place on 6/22/04 at 19:01 (153717)

Hi folks,
I said I would write in but I just had my first treatment and I have to ice every hour or so within the first 24 hours and it took a bit more time to get to the library than I thought. So... I read Goose's message and she was right on. My experience was similar but as she said some parts were tailored for her program. I do find him to be very educational and knowledgeable in many fields other than just chiropractic care. He did not make any promises, but he has said he has success with his methods. I plan on giving it two weeks, re assess and then make a decision. He did tell me what I could look for as results, which was refreshing. If I am seeing improvements, I will continue to see him and stay in Minnesota as long as I can financially afford it.
Keep you posted when I have more time!!!!

Re: I got 2 more minutes left before....

Elyse B on 6/24/04 at 07:33 (153809)

Two weeks and how many sessions each week? What did he tell you to look for in results? Does he really only charge $45 a session? What the heck are you doing all day in MN?