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Anyone use Superfeet Orthotics?

Posted by dud on 6/22/04 at 20:11 (153725)

I was at the local running store and tried a pair of Superfeet on and they felt great in the store. I didn't buy them but am seriously considering going back to try them.

I have been wearing Powersteps for about a week now. They are definetly better than by hard custom orthotics..but they are still a little uncomfortable. Maybe it is just because I have only worn them for a few days.

How long should you give an orthotic to work? WIll you know after the first day, week, month etc??

Also..has anyone had luck with Superfeet??

Re: Anyone use Superfeet Orthotics?

Suzanne D. on 6/22/04 at 21:18 (153730)

Yes, Dud, I wore/wear Superfeet inserts in SAS lace-up shoes. I have found Superfeet to be the best inserts I have tried. I wore the 3/4 length blue Birkenstock inserts for a few months and then bought the Superfeet which made an improvement in my recovery from PF. I also tried Powersteps but did not have as much success with them. I did not wear them more than 3 or 4 times.

I alternate between wearing Birkenstock shoes and wearing the Superfeet in my SAS shoes. In the summer, I tend to wear Birks more often, but if I have a great deal of walking to do - especially outdoors - I will change to the SAS and inserts.

I hope you find them helpful to you! I tried to break them in gradually, wearing them a half hour, then an hour the next day, etc., but it seemed from the beginning, they just felt right to me.

Good luck!
Suzanne :)

Re: Anyone use Superfeet Orthotics?

Linda V. on 6/25/04 at 17:14 (153931)

I self-diagnosed myself with PF after a few months of increasing problems. I made an appt. with a podiatrist, but while waiting, I went to a real great shoe store. THEY KNEW THEIR STUFF. The sneaker man confirmed my symptoms of PF, (and why I got it---bad shoes, too much walking in cold weather in hiking boots)--and recommended 2 models of sneakers for me. And he explained why, and also how to stretch and ice. He also recommended the superfeet...said he was always a Spenco-man, but now he believes these are the best product on the market because they lift the fat pads of your feet up a bit, so it eases the actual heel. Anyway, they helped. The podiatrist thought both the sneakers and the superfeet were great, but I ended up with a series of 3 cortisone injections. I am probably about 75% better than I was in May, but I need to be diligent about my habits. I found stuff on the web from other 'victims' very useful---the stretching, icing, and above all...NEVER going barefoot except to sleep and shower.
Good Luck,

Re: Anyone use Superfeet Orthotics?

Pauline on 6/26/04 at 10:03 (153973)

Just a footnote to add to your experience, many of us wear shower shoes too.

Re: Anyone use Superfeet Orthotics?

Linda V. on 7/04/04 at 18:50 (154493)

hi. shower shoes? please tell me about them. i am taking only quick showers cause it hurts to stand in the tub too long...where do you get shower shoes with good arch support? does ANYONE make bedroom slippers with acceptable arch support? i am SO tired of sneakers...
linda v.

Re: Anyone use Superfeet Orthotics?

Dorothy on 7/05/04 at 00:32 (154505)

There are many posts here about various shower shoes that people have used and like. I think if you try a search using 'shower shoes' as a start, you might get the pertinent posts. Birkenstock makes a couple of different kind of waterproof shoes and they have the kind of arch support that Birkenstock is known for. They are not cork, of course, but would give support for a shower. I wear them at times. Another brand that I like is Klogs. They are waterproof shoes that are very comfortable. They come with a comfortable insole already, but I removed that and put in the PowerStep which makes for a very comfortable combination. The Birkenstock waterproof sandal that I have is the 'Haiti' model which is similar in shape to the 'Arizona'. There are others, however. There are lots of waterproof shoes 'out there' and some appear to have good arch support, but I only have personal experience with the Birkenstock and the Klogs for this purpose. Hope this helps.

Re: Anyone use Superfeet Orthotics?

RACHAEL T. on 7/05/04 at 08:56 (154518)

Linda - I like to wear my SDOs in Isotoner slippers as Dr. Kiper recommends - after a day's activities -- They feel like you are going barefoot - what a treat!!! Sure they are expensive 'slippers' - but they can be worn in other shoes too - shoes usually that cannot handle a larger, prescribed orthotic....I have found them useful in a pump by Soft Spots for church & such activities. & Yes, my Birks are my favorites!! Outdoor Birk Shoes as well as shower shoes!