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Attention RACHEL

Posted by Dorothy on 6/23/04 at 00:59 (153741)

Rachel - You asked about SoftSpots and here's what I found:

http://www.comfortcorner.com is their website. Their catalog cover says 'Featuring Softspots and Other Famous Comfort Shoes'. I am looking at a print catalog (Summer 2004) and I have not looked at their website nor have I ever ordered from them but they've been around a long time and I would not hestitate. In fact, while looking for this info. for you, I looked at the catalog again and the Softspots have some very 'cute' shoes that I might try myself. So thank you for asking me!! :-) They are located in Hudson, New Hampshire, by the way. (Maybe Kathy G has access to a local outlet!)

A couple of other catalog possibilities for Softspots and other shoes are:
Wissota Trader http://www.wissotatrader.com . I have ordered from them in the past and they are very good folks/nice company. They carry a variety of brands including Softspots and they carry a very wide variety in sizes and orthotic-friendly/supportive shoes, too - and cute ones, too.

Footsmart http://www.footsmart.com carries lots of shoes, including some Softspots and they are a good company, too.

Lastly, for those still looking for shower shoes/waterproof shoes/washable shoes that are supportive - I also received a catalog carrying uniforms (I think I got this because I was searching for Anywear clogs for a while and they are often found in uniform shops - I still haven't tried them but they are supposed to be comfy) and they had a lot of supposedly comfortable, supportive, cushioned, washable, waterproof shoes that were geared to medical professionals (i.e. on the feet a lot) but came in colors as well as white. If anybody wants that info. let me know. The June 2004 Land's End catalog has 'new amphibious - (that is waterproof) - Sport Shoes' on their cover - and they have Birkenstock knock-offs inside for about $30 or so.... And that reminds me - a few months ago while we were discussing cheaper Birkentock-TYPE shoes here, I said I had tried Lands End Arizona look-alikes and did not think they were as comfortable at all..?? Well, I want to eat those words now. I have been wearing them for the past month (no, not constantly) and they are fine; for some reason, they feel better than my Birkenstocks which don't feel that good to me anymore. However, in a few months, I'll be singing about Birkenstocks again!
Hope all this information - amongst the blather - helps, Rachel.

Re: Attention RACHEL

RACHAEL T. on 6/23/04 at 07:00 (153744)

Thanks for all the Soft Spot info - I shall chk. it out! Sorry also to disappoint you, but I was the the 1 who questioned about New Balance Shoes....I wear Brooks...BUT, I hope the person saw your helpful post.
In regards to Birks -- Hmmm, I saw at Overstock.com -- that they have a Birk/betula - for $49 - marked down from its regular/higher price; if anyone wishes to check it out....just type in Birkenstock on overstock's search engine. Hope that helps someone out who is searching for cheaper Birks.

Re: Attention RACHEL

RACHAEL T. on 6/23/04 at 07:01 (153746)

correction: I was NOT the 1 who ?'d about New Balance....I must be having a slow brain morning today! LOL

Re: Attention RACHEL

Dorothy on 6/23/04 at 14:42 (153767)

I'm not disappointed. I was just trying to give some potentially useful information.

Re: SoftSpots

Kathy G on 6/24/04 at 10:00 (153815)

I wore SoftSpots for years. My favorite was the Venus Lite because it was so comfortable and I could wear it with pants or skirts. I tried a pair about four years ago, and I couldn't even walk in them. It makes me think I should try some again, though, because it's been so long. Of course, they wouldn't accommodate my orthotic, but maybe I could find something for my nephew's wedding!

I have a pair of their sandals, in navy blue suede, still sitting in my closet. I can't wear them but at one time they were so comfortable and I absolutely love them. I keep waiting for the day the Foot Fairy will come down and touch my feet with her magic wand and I'll be able to wear them again so I won't give them away.

They did have a factory outlet in Hudson, Dorothy. Hudson's about forty-five minutes from me. It was one of those outlets that was essentially junk and it closed several years ago.

Thanks for that website. I've marked it as a favorite place so I can go back and check it out.

Oh, to be able to wear something besides running shoes! Maybe I could get some of those shoes that are deep enough to accommodate my orthotics. I have very narrow feet so even pre-PF, it was a challenge to find something to fit me.

For the last year or two, I circumvent the shoe department in any store I'm in because it's just so frustrating to see all those pretty shoes and not be able to wear any of them! On the other hand, at least now I can go shopping and actually circumvent something. There were a few years there where I rarely shopped and if I did, I went directly to what I was looking for and then left. Things are definitely looking up and running shoes aren't the end of the world!

Re: SoftSpots

Suzanne D. on 6/24/04 at 12:31 (153830)

Kathy, that was cute about the 'Foot Fairy'! Now, if only there really were such a character! With my first graders having visits from the Tooth Fairy on a regular basis, you'd think I could get some kind of connection, now, wouldn't you? ;)

I know I've shared this before, but for anyone new, I thought I'd supply this link for some shoes that are doing well for me this summer. They are Birkenstock Santee shoes, found on the German site. I cannot find them anywhere else I've looked, and on the German site, the only ones not on clearance are black. So they must be closing out this line. But I am finding them quite comfortable, and they provide a little dressier looking shoe than the Arizona sandals I normally wear in the summer.

The Santee is in the Tatami Birkenstock line. The shoes do not have the toe ridge or a ridge around the edge of the shoe (which I like because my toes come to the end). They are not available in the soft footbed like my Arizonas, but they don't seem as hard to me as other non-soft footbed Birks I've tried, I guess because the cork is covered with a black material which seems to make them somewhat softer.

The only thing I needed with these shoes was a little more arch support. I took care of that by adding little felt stick-on pieces which I took off the inserts which came in my SAS shoes. It's not much additional support, but just enough for me.

Mine are the narrow size, and I find they fit me much better than the same size Bostons in the narrow which still seem too loose. That's just my experience.

Here's the link in case someone is interested:

http://www.gobuyeurope.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv ?

Suzanne :)

Re: Let's try that link again...

Suzanne D. on 6/24/04 at 12:35 (153831)

Well, for some reason, the link I provided will not take you right to the page which has the pictures of all the Santee Birkenstocks. But if you click on the link I gave, then click on 'search' near the top of the page, then type Santee into the search box, you will go to the page I was trying to post.

Hope this works!
Suzanne :)