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RACHEL & Anyone

Posted by Dorothy on 6/23/04 at 01:20 (153742)

Rachel - Wasn't it you who was also asking about the New Balance 842?
If you go to this website: http://www.brnshu.com/
and just enter 842 in the search box, it will show you the men's and women's models, click on the 'W prefix' model (this sounds more time-trouble than it is) and you will be able to see the shoe from a variety of angles and with good description of it. Another very good company (St. Louis, MO)

And I wanted to add that the http://www.comfortcorner.com carries another brand of shoe that might be of interest to people here. The brand is 'Drew' and they tout that they have added depth shoes to accomodate orthotics and various foot problems. What they say is: 'Added depth shoes are perfect for people who: wear doctor-prescribed custom orthotics; wear over-the-counter support inserts; have medical conditions such as diabetes or foot swelling; Have chroncially cold feet and like to wear thick socks; Or just prefer a very roomy shoe. With over 100 years of research & experience, Drew is recognized by podiatrists as the experts in therapeutic footwear....'
So, there's some more information for anyone who wants it.

And to anyone who needs larger or wider shoes, those websites I listed in the other post to Rachel have larger, wider, smaller, narrower sizes - i.e. good range. Ok, I'm off the question now. Rachel, this'll teach you to ask me a question!! :-)