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bunions, accessory navicular and some plantar fascia, ....

Posted by Louise on 6/24/04 at 00:27 (153804)

I sought help for foot and ankle pain and burning and tingling and the inability to walk more than 5 or 6 blocks without pain starting in the ankles.

Was told to go to Physical Therapy and was given a prescription. I'm not sure the therapist really did most of what the doctor recommended but since I've only been twice, I just need more time.

I got a new orthotic made from fairly gentle materials which really hurt my feet.

The doctor doesn't believe in orthotics, rather in physical therapy. Do at this time I'm wearing Teva sandals which seem to be pretty comfortable. But I'm confused because I've always thought that with my condition(s), orthotics are strongly recommended.

What am I to do?


Re: bunions, accessory navicular and some plantar fascia, ....

Pauline on 6/24/04 at 08:29 (153810)

I'm not a doctor, but if you've gotten a diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis you should read Scott's book here on line. It will provide you with a wealth of information and also stimulate in your mind perhaps questions that you should be asking your doctor.

As far as orthotics go, many people are RX'ed orthotics and are never able to wear them others find that they provide support and relieve their pain.

As you learn more about P.F. you'll find that not all treatments work for every individual and it will be up to you to sort through the conservative treatments available and try them to seek relief.

Many people eventually turn to surgery hoping that release of their P.F. will get rid of their pain once and for all. If you read the surgery board you will find that this isn't always the case. I'd never recomment a surgical answer for P.F. but people come to their own decision when and if this option is offered to them. If this is a decision you find yourself
looking at down the road I'd tell you to do your homework ahead of time and really think about it.

If your orthotics are hurting you may just want to listen to your feet and put them aside for now. It could be that the sandels you are wearing are providing you with enough support. If they provide you with comfort, thats what you need as you continue to heal.

Stick with the physical therapy, seek a second opinion if you don't feel your current doctor is providing you with enough support and treatment and go from there.

Best of luck.

Re: bunions, accessory navicular and some plantar fascia, ....

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/24/04 at 13:35 (153838)

Patients with accessory navicular bones often have tibialis posterior deficiency and need a SUBSTANTIAL orthotic or possibly a Richie brace which is an orthotic with two double uprights (like an ankle brace) attached.