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I Need Foot Exercises

Posted by Carlos N. on 6/24/04 at 11:34 (153824)

I've been reading some posts lately about foot exercises. I'd like to know what the doctors or other folks recommend is the best to strengthen and condition the feet and shins. I think this is where I have the most weakness. In fact, I suffer from a lot of fatigue, aches, and burning. Recently I have been improving and I feel I'm making progress. I stretch almost everyday to keep my hamstrings, calves, and achilles tendon loose. Also, I like Julie's yoga exercises but I was wondering if there are other things to build up strength in my arches and ankles.


Re: I Need Foot Exercises

Dorothy on 6/24/04 at 14:06 (153843)

Do an internet search on 'foot and ankle exercises' and you will get lots.

A repeated recommendation: the Foot Trainers (www.foottrainer.com)for stretching and strengthening

Active Isolated Stretching and Muscle Release Therapy both have excellent, proven stretching routines, including the body parts you want to work on. (Search on this message board using those terms for references to them both)