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After Surgery Shoes

Posted by Dee C on 6/24/04 at 14:22 (153844)

Have had a PF surgery on left foot and Tailor's bunionectomy on right foot end of May, '04. Have been wearing post surgery 'shoes' with velcro straps since. Still in pain of course, but a tiny bit better. Is there any other type of shoe I can wear when I go out? Of course, I only go to the Dr. or my husband pushes me in a store wheelchair in store sometimes. But is there anything a little better looking I could use while I'm recovering?

Re: After Surgery Shoes

Dee C on 6/24/04 at 14:51 (153848)

Sorry to have posted this twice. My mistake. Thought it would go on only one message board.

Re: After Surgery Shoes

Nick, C.Ped on 6/25/04 at 04:49 (153885)

DEE, Pending on your feet and what specifics they require for their healing process 'Pedors' makes diabetic and extra depth footwear for hyper sensitive feet. Many of my local Podiatric surgeons have grown to like there shoes as later post-op shoes to ease you back into walking around or weightbearing. The shoes are all made with a stretchy
neoprene like shoe upper and plastizote inserts. Great for swelling and adjustability. HERE'S THE KICKER....they come in a mediocre amount of styles that actually somewhat resemeble the looks of a regular shoe.

Tell me more about your feet and your size and width, also how bad is the swelling and/or other post-op conditions you might be having Also what kind of look you might be looking for AND I will see if i can suggest a style that might suit your needs best. I am fairly sure you can order them online also, BUT Nothing beats getting fit by someone who carries the shoe instock and knows what they are doing.

Re: After Surgery Shoes

Pauline on 6/25/04 at 09:50 (153898)

I've had shoes that have uppers made of neoprene and although comfortable find them very hot. My feet sweat when wearing them. Has this been a problem for diabetics? I just put mine which are relatively new in a bag of clothing to give away. They were just tooooo hot.

Re: After Surgery Shoes

Nick, C.Ped on 6/25/04 at 22:51 (153952)

That tends to be the number one complaint... Although pedors are designed for an affordable shoe for the extremely hard to fit foot they were not really designed to be an extra tough walking shoe. they either break down too fast or get too hot because people are comfortable enough to be walking around in them somewhat normally for extended periods (versus the painful 'stop every 100 feet to sit down' foot) They only thing as of recent Pedors has done to over come that is create some more open styles and use holes for ventilation in their closed styles.

This Does bring up a problem for diabetics, due to their poor circulation it is very tough for a diabetic expierencing peripheral nueropathy and edema (loss of sensation and swelling) due to the fact that heat adds another variable, Shear, which cause friction or rubbing inside the shoe, which then leads to blisters or leisions or ulcers ****

If you are diabetic and still need that adjustability and softness and are wearing some form of insert i would suggest a soft depth walking shoe. Some brands I favor are P.W. minor, Propet, and a British shoe co. called 'Hotter'

If you want to tell me more about your feet I would be glad to suggest a specific style that might be appropraite or more beneficial to you.

Re: After Surgery Shoes

Pauline on 6/26/04 at 09:17 (153971)

Thank you for your response. I personally don't have any specific foot problems, but thought the heat problem with neoprene that I experienced might be of interest to others especially those that have a diabetic condition.

Something they should perhaps take into account when looking at shoes that use neoprene.