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Medicare coverage

Posted by Janice N on 6/24/04 at 23:26 (153879)

I wondered if one of the doctors here might know if Medicare pays for orthotics or night slpints? My podiatrist said go to the drugstore and get the gel ones that just fit in the heel area. Well they kept slipping in my shoes. Now that I have diabetic shoes my feet don't feel so bad when I am walking. The cushion is great in these shoes. As far as a nightime splint I think it might help. It feels so tight at the back of my heel. I dont sleep much because I feel the need to constantly stretch my foot and calf. Plus I am up and down all night going to the bathroom. I am just exhausted all the time. Maybe I need to sleep in my shoes. lol Can't point my toes downward in them too easily. I never had any PT down. This I know is covered. But I am still waiting to see if I am going to have a second ESWT done. It has been about 8 wks now. And I did get some relief. Just not enough.
I see all these things to try but I can't afford to pay for them myself. One thing I like about Scott is he doesnt push all these products and says what will work better and if is needed at all. If I could just get my foot more in a comfortable postion at night.
I need a site for recycled products for PF. HAHAHA

Re: Medicare coverage

Dr. Z on 6/25/04 at 00:23 (153880)


What is the state of your Diabetes.? How is your neurovascular state.? Are you doing any stretching on your own. What about Physical Therapy?
You have Diabetic shoes . Are there plastizole insertts that came with them? There is an antishox insert that is very good that comes with most prescriptoin Diabetic shoe. IF Medicare covered your Diabetes shoes you probaby have Diabetic neuropathy and or poor circulation for coverage. Do you have these conditions

Re: Medicare coverage

Janice N on 6/26/04 at 05:46 (153960)

There were three pairs of inserts that came with the diabetic shoes. I do alot of stretching. I am thinking of asking for PT. I am a newly diagnosed diabetic. With so many different kinds of foot problems dont know about neuropahty yet. Going to have EMG done. Cant tell if this pins and needles is from old neuroma surgery or what. Want to wait until the three month period from having the EWST is over and then have the test done.

Re: Medicare coverage

Richard, C.Ped on 6/28/04 at 08:01 (154069)

I become very frustrated when drug stores sell diabetic shoes. The gel inserts that come with them should not be worn by a diabetic with neuropathy. All that is supplying is cushion. A diabetic with neuropathy needs a custom orthosis to distribute their weight evenly.

Also, the drug stores usually sell that one type shoe that I totally can not stand. I think they are heavy and not the most attractive shoe out there. There are so many other choices that are offered. I would check with a C.Ped next time.