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East Coast Version of Dr. Sandell?

Posted by Elyse B on 6/25/04 at 13:06 (153920)

well I tried another doctor today. A chiropractor with certification in transverse friction massage, graston technique, etc. She spent 3 hours with me. I almost fainted. That is unheard of in NYC but then again, she does not accept insurance. I liked her because she is very up to date on all treatments of sports injuries and constantly is taking course to learn new things.

She measured my legs, checked the flexibility of my feet etc. She did a lot of foot manipulation and used a elecontronic stim machine that was not the regular type but was a higher voltage. My feet are incredible inflexible. She did a ton of Graston technique from my feet, calf muscles to my hips. It was not unpleasant at all which leads both of us to believe that either it is not PF or I have a mild case. Of course I was out of alignment (I would be surprised if a chiropractor did not say that). I am not even sure that I have PF, that is the freaky thing. I think part of that is because my pain is of the minor achy kind in my arches. It could be that I have gotten a lot of treatment and am wearing orthotics that things are better? I am not sure. If is not PF, then sigh... back to the drawing board and I bet it is neurological. She read all the info that Dr. Sandell wrote and understood it and said it was nothing new to anyone trained in treating sports injuries or soft tissue work and she did the stuff he did with breaking up the scar tissue and re-aligning etc. She then taped my feet using the Kineseology tape which is a method that of course one needs to take a course on. The tape can get wet etc. She taped my feet because she felt she wanted to keep the work that she did (i.e., alignment, breaking up tissues) and keep it in place. She said not to run (boo hoo) but to walk if I felt like it and stop if I feel pain.

I did run/walk last night for 2.5 miles and my feet were definitely uncomfortable. I am not going to do much this weekend and see how this works out.

I am definitely now of the opinion that helping PF takes a few different modalities. It believe that you have to work on the biomechanics with orthotics and getting your body in alignment and definitely some kind of TFM or graston to break up the injured tissue. I don't think either one alone will do the trick.

Since this doctor has taken courses all over the United States I am going to ask her for recommendations for practitioners that she is aware of in the US and maybe I can compile a list for the board here.

I will keep you posted and I have my fingers crossed.

Re: East Coast Version of Dr. Sandell?

Place on 6/26/04 at 10:24 (153980)

Thanks for the detailed post. This person sounds alot like Dr. Sandell! I'm glad to hear that you found someone near you!

Re: East Coast Version of Dr. Sandell?

Louise on 6/29/04 at 00:13 (154138)

Are you in NYC?

I am looking for someone to help me with PF, extremely flat feet, very weak ankles - the whole symptom picture. I also found out i have an accessory naviculr bone in both ankles.

I'm looking for a good orthotist (Eneslow has disappointed) and a really good diagnostition.

You could email me directly (email removed), if you would feel more comfortable than posting on the board.

Thaks a lot


Re: East Coast Version of Dr. Sandell?

Dorothy on 6/29/04 at 02:05 (154139)

Elyse B - I was out of town and away from a computer for the past few days and so just now read your post. I hope things are going well for you after your plans to rest a bit over the weekend. I am following your efforts with this chiropractor and her techniques with great interest. I think your idea of trying to compile a list of practitioners in the U.S. is an excellent one and hope you can do this. Good luck.

Re: East Coast Version of Dr. Sandell?

Elyse B on 6/29/04 at 07:17 (154142)

Hi Dorothy, the visit went well and she taped my feet but I had to take the tape off on Sunday and the pain started again. She is very expensive and I am seeing her again tomorrow. She does everything that Dr. Sandell does and has years and years of experience whereas Dr. Sandell just graduated last year I think. In any case, Dr. Sandell seems to have the magic touch. She wants to see me once a week but I would like to go more but we shall see. Dorothy, truth be told I am not even sure I have PF. I am pretty mobile and can walk and even run if I wanted to. I just have this achy feeling in my arches all the time. I made another appointment with another 'guru' podiatrist to see if he can corroborate that I have it.

I will see if I can get a list of practitioners from her next week. FYI, she never heard of Dr. Sandell not that that matters and she has been doing Graston for years.