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Will standing mske tts worse over time?

Posted by Doug Miller-Steveveson on 6/25/04 at 18:03 (153934)


Re: Will standing mske tts worse over time?

Terri on 6/26/04 at 08:21 (153966)

Doug, it seems that anything involving the use of your feet makes it worse. When nerves are involved, you can through most rules out the window as the same things will affect us differently as I'm sure you've read on this board.

Me, I can't stand or walk around for an extended period of time without resorting to a wheelchair or electric cart found in most stores. I've had some improvement after surgery in Jan. but still nowhere close to where I want to be. And, to face facts, probably never will be there. I exercise like mad now, started strength training, and work with a therapist/trainer 2 days a week to keep me going.

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to an amusement park with him and I said, sure...as long as you don't mind pushing the wheelchair! He thought I was kidding but I've learned to accept my limitations and not push myself to please others, try to be a martyr and keep going regardless of the pain. That just results in a long painful night with no sleep!

If you have been diagnosed with TTS and your job involves standing for long periods, you really need to work with your human resources dept to make allowances for you in order to do your job. Have your dr. write out a disability certificate stating your diagnosis and your limitations. All workplaces have to make allowances for a disabled employee as long as they can still do the job they were hired for. You also cannot be fired due to developing a disability.