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Orthotic for TTS?

Posted by Iggy oracco on 6/25/04 at 18:41 (153940)

what is the best type of oerthotic to wear for tts?

Re: Orthotic for TTS?

Terri on 6/26/04 at 08:03 (153965)

Iggy, this may sound like a sarcastic answer, but all I can say is whatever works best for you.

Many of us have had trouble with orthotics, some say it made the TTS worse. I have TTS in both feet, had surgery on the right in Jan of this year. I have rigid orthotics but now only wear the right one, the left seemed to cause more pain. For the left, a good tennis shoe with a somewhat high arch support works best. So I buy a pair of shoes, rip the insert out of the right one and put my orthotic in it and leave the left as is. I have a lot of funny-looking pairs of shoes!

I haven't seen you post here before, welcome to the board! Want to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Re: Orthotic for TTS?

CarolP on 7/18/04 at 15:32 (155768)

I had specially fitted orthotics made for me before I had TTS sugery. I used them for about 6months without any relief. I had to have the surgery anyway, which was successful.