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10 months post EPF surgery...

Posted by april l on 6/26/04 at 13:34 (153991)

and I have no more pain! I am so glad that I had the surgery despite my fears of things turning out even worse. For the first time in many years, I can walk without pain. The months of recovery were difficult, but not really any worse than the PF itself. I realize that not everyone has a good outcome with the surgery, but I want those who are considering it to know that it can help, and it has helped me twice. To anyone who has this surgery, please know that it takes a long time to heal. My advice for post surgery is to walk, stretch, and get physical therapy right from the start.

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery...

Rose on 6/27/04 at 13:26 (154026)

Yes. It will be a year for me next week and it was certainly worth having the surgery to finally fix it....

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery...

Dr. Z on 6/27/04 at 16:47 (154048)

Please keep us informed as to your progress down the road one year two years if you can. Try to keep a diary as to what if any other pains start in any other parts of your foot and or body. This could give the posters long term follow -up.. Good luck and I am glad you are pain free!!!

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery...

Rose on 6/28/04 at 10:41 (154075)

Thanks so much. I am not exactly pain free all the time. I still have to be careful and be kind to my feet. I still go and get a deep tissue massage every month or so and that has helped a lot. I still stretch and only do water aerobics. If I walk for too long, say over 30 minutes it might start to burn some in the arch area. I have custom orthodics made from a cast before the surgery which have been adjusted a bit afterwards. I can walk barefooted some, but after a while it starts to hurt. If I am on my feet too much I will get the first step pain in the morning or after resting a while. Then I will do extra stretches and stay off them a little for a day or two. The real test will be when I dare to try going back and trying my aerobics class. I used to do step and probably should not try that. The aerobics is a senior class . I do belong to a gym and do the calf building mach a lot. I think that has helped me a lot since I seemed to lose a lot of muscle in the calf after the srugery. I welcome your comments, especially about the exercise. Oh If I start to get too much first step pain I will wear the boot to bed for a night or two and it is gone.

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery...

april l on 6/28/04 at 14:40 (154091)

I had EPF seven yrs ago on my right foot, and I have had no pain at all in that foot for about 5 yrs. It took well over a year to get to that point. Before that I had pain in the most unusual places and I had a lump of scar tissue at the incision site that I could feel when I stood. Six years later I had the surgery on my left foot too. Finally, 10 mos. after the EPF on my left foot, I have no more pain. I can get up out of bed in the morning without pain for the first time in years. I don't wear orthotics, I don't wear special shoes. I go barefoot, or with just socks often (always, when I'm in the house). My doctor prescribed a night splint, which I have yet to be able to sleep in. So, that was a total waste, and it's obvious I don't need it anyway. Also, I work as a waitress so I am on my feet, plus I am overweight. I personally feel that walking on it, even if it was painful, is what helped it to heal in the stretched position. And it helped my other parts of my foot to adjust to the change. I had pain even in my toes for the longest time.

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery...

Rose on 6/28/04 at 21:01 (154119)

Wow, how wonerful. Such a wonderful encouraging story. Thanks

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery...

Buck T. on 6/30/04 at 14:25 (154263)

Hi April: Had pf release surgery on one foot little more than a year ago. Also have lump of scar tissue on incission area similar to what you described. Did you do anything special about this?

Sincerely, Buck

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery...

april l on 6/30/04 at 14:32 (154265)

A few months after the surgery I had ultrasound on the lump, but it didn't change anything that I could notice. I mostly massaged the area myself or had my hubby do it. I don't know if my situation was unusual, but the lump eventually disappeared.

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery...

Buck T on 7/01/04 at 15:01 (154342)

Thanks April for the come back.

Sincerely, Buck

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery/April same here

Bud P on 7/07/04 at 22:35 (154818)

It's been almost 8 months for me and I'm so glad I had EPF surgery. I knew within 3 weeks that the surgery worked for me. I agree,if anyone is considering EPF surgery and has tried all that they want to,I say go for it.After all the horror stories I read on this board it kept me from having the surgery sooner. Good luck. Bud

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery/April same here

Rich on 7/08/04 at 13:51 (154862)

Hey Bud

I have had PF for the last year. I have followed your progress on the board. I renmember when you had the surgery. I live in Massachusetts also, and I looked up your pod's website. My pod prefers the open procedure, but it seems like the EPF has some advantages.

Would you recommend your pod to someone like me? Does he have good interpersonal skills as well? Can you comment on your overall experience with him?



Re: 10 months post EPF surgery/April same here

Bud P on 7/08/04 at 23:20 (154900)

I can't say enough good about him. The only thimg I really didn't care for was that he was so sure the EPF would work.He was just so confident. I had read all the horror stories on this site and was really uptight about having the EPF. He explained exactly what he was going to do and how it would be done. I kept telling him how much pain I was having. The pain was absolutely excruciating.The thought of suicide actually had been contemplated.I am in a pain management group and 120mg of oxycontin a day had no effect on the PF.
I didn't know that my Dr. had a website. His name is Dr.Howard M. Imanuel D.P.M.,F.A.C.A.S. that's a lot of letters for one guy. His partner is Dr. Joseph Grillo. I'm not to crazy about him. All business no bedside manners. Together they are the Podiatry Cenetr of Southwest Florida.Write me at (email removed) so we can finish this conversation. Good Luck.

Re: 10 months post EPF surgery/to Rich

Bud P on 7/12/04 at 13:36 (155189)

Read the post to April,it was for you.


Re: 2 months post EPF surgery...

BarbaraM on 7/20/04 at 21:39 (155946)

I was glad to find this board. I had EPF in May and my foot is still giving me quite a bit of pain. I never can walk without some sort of pain. Although it is no longer the heel pain I had felt, it's now the arch or the top of my foot or the side or the toes.
What kind of excersizes are good for this sort of thing?
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
My email is whitekar54 @ yahoo.com

Re: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Lisa G on 8/18/04 at 23:12 (158383)

After reading all the negative feedback on the EPF surgery, which I am scheduled to have on the 10th of Sept.it's so refreshing to hear that there really are some sucess stories out there! I've been dealing w/ this for over 2 years now and have done all those other things to no avail. I have 4 young children and can't wait to be able to tell them that 'sure I'd like to go on a walk w/ you' or 'yes I'd love take you to the mall'. It's so dibilatating and frustrating. I fully expect to have a long recovery but just knowing that there will come a time when I don't have to crawl to the bathroom in the morning makes it all worth it. Thank you for your positive post!