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Dr. Sarno

Posted by john h on 6/26/04 at 19:15 (154000)

Well, I won Dr. Sarno's Books on 3 CD's on eBay. Now I can massage my feet while listening to Dr. Sarno's CD's at the same time. If I could only figure out how to add a beer into this equation?

Re: Dr. Sarno

Pauline on 6/27/04 at 11:32 (154023)

That's easy. Just get ya one of dem dare fanny paks wit da bottle and suck tru the straw.

Re: Dr. Sarno

john h on 6/28/04 at 18:41 (154100)

Pauline: I won the CD's and also have the DVD's of his lectures. Will send you the CD's when I finish and then you can pass them on to some deserving board member and so on and on. Sounds like some good car CD stuff to me.

Re: Dr. Sarno

Pauline on 6/28/04 at 18:59 (154105)

You can skip me and just give it to another deserving person. People will line up for this.

Re: Dr. Sarno

Dorothy on 6/28/04 at 21:06 (154121)

Congratultions to Mr. eBay himself. You'll figure out the solution to your problem - probably already have by now. I'm late with my congratulations.

There have been two lengthy interviews with Dr. Sarno on Medline fairly recently. Interesting, as usual.

You have a terrific open mind, John H. Working on that book yet??