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Arch support in my walking cast???

Posted by AngelaC on 6/26/04 at 20:30 (154005)

Would it be a good or bad idea to put a Dr. Scholl's Advantage arch support (over the counter) in my walking cast? After about 9 months, I was starting to get good, really good, improvement in my plantar fasciitis,but then got sesamoiditis. I continued to avoid pf surgery, but did choose to have, hammertoe surgery, thinking that it might knock out one of my foot problems and make me rest my foot a bit longer. At the first post-op visit, I found out that I had a stress fracture, and away went my surgical shoe, and out came a walking cast velcro shoe. Here's my question. I am very paranoid about losing any of my gains in pf improvement. This walking cast does not have much support in the arch. Actually, none. I don't have my regular orthotics, because those were taken to have some adjustments made. I just don't want to walk around for 3 weeks or so in a barefoot-like manner with no arch support, and start over. So I bought a pair of OTC arch supports, and it does feel good in the walking cast, but am I messing up what the walking cast is suppose to do in terms of shifting weight away from the 2nd metatarsal fracture? Thanks for any help with this; you have all been lifesavers!!!!

Re: Arch support in my walking cast???

Richard, C.Ped on 6/28/04 at 07:56 (154068)

We have filled prescriptions for custom orthotics to walking casts before. I would check with the doc to make sure it would be ok.

It is going to take three weeks to have the adjustments made?? That burns me up everytime I hear that.

Re: Arch support in my walking cast???

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/28/04 at 22:45 (154134)

That is why I am not a big fan of the various removable casts for PF. I feel that with the good old fashioned molded casts we can place the foot in any position needed. For example, when casting for PF, I often will supinate the rearfoot and pronate the forefoot, far more than with an orthotic becasue we have the full support of the cast to offset the overcorrection.