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cortizone side effects

Posted by cheryl h on 6/27/04 at 10:59 (154020)

Rececntly my Dr. gave me cortizone shots in both heels. It's been (3)days and my heels are still extremely painful, my calfs have gotten very painful too. Is this because I'm walking differently to compinsate for my heel pain? What are the side effects of these shots? My Dr. said it could take a week to work but he never told me about it getting worse before it gets better. What are the signs of an allergy to cortizone?

Thank You,

Re: cortizone side effects Cheryl

Janice N on 6/27/04 at 15:21 (154037)

If you read some of the other posts you will see where we discussed injections. I posted a few days ago about different places in my body I had injections. Some people feel better in a day or so and some in two or more wks. The last time I had my heel injected I felt bad all over that night. The Cotisone no matter how it gets in my body affects me in several ways. But by the next week the heel pain was better. It didn't solve my problem but I did get some relief. When I had it injected the time before that it last many yrs. So just give it some time.
Meanwhile go back and read some of the post. Elevate your feet. My dr suggested heat but either that or ice whatever feels the best to you. Do you take ant inflammatories? Sometimes it takes more than one injection. Was this your first?

Re: cortizone side effects

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/28/04 at 13:14 (154088)

Patients generally feel worse for a day or two after the shots before improvement is noted. This is true because an already painful area was traumatized by the shots, because of fluid pressure from the shot contents and occasionally a 'steroid flare' which is a temporary reaction of some to steroids.

Re: cortizone side effects Cheryl

Rose on 6/28/04 at 21:15 (154124)

I had the following reaction to one injection. I became very flushed and feverish for several days. I had a terribly h eadache, dizzy and a little trouble breathing. I believe that is a a general negative reaction to cortisone. Sveral doctors agreed that it was dangerous for me to have any more shots. That was two years ago.
Several months ago I was sent to allergy to see if they could test for cortisone reaction and they couldn't. So I took a chance and got two very lose dose cortisone injections in a very sore shoulder and I had only a bit of a reaction for two days, not as bad as before.
Both times the site was extremely sore for 3-4 days and then felt much much better. It didn't last in the heel, but after three weeks is lasting in the shoulder. So I am thinking that this might have worked.