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Painful toe implants

Posted by Mark A on 6/27/04 at 11:30 (154021)

Dr. Davis
I did get a second opinion for my painful toe implants. The results were that the implants should be taken out and the toes fused. The doctor said that the implants were okay except they were bound down by numerous adhesions. He tried to break the adhesions by numbing by feet and trying closed manipulation but failed. He told me the only other option was to fuse the toe. He said that would alleviate the problem entirely. I don't
see the difference, exchanging one stiff toe for another doesn't make sense to me.

Dr. Davis, how hard is it to go in and break the adhesions and put a continuous passive machine on the toe to give it a better range of motion or put another pair of implants.

Also a new development-- this last week my left foot I can't put weight on my foot for about two minutes and this pain generally goes away when I walk around. Any ideas what this could be?

What about a fluroscan or an MRI? Why are doctors opposed to getting this done in my case?

Please point me in the right direction? I was a very active person and want to be one again. I don't want another surgery making me worse.