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Unstable Ankles and PF

Posted by Matt P on 6/27/04 at 19:10 (154053)

Hi there. I'm looking for exercises and / or stretches that might help me with my unstable, clicking ankles.

I have a sense that this instability was brought on by a pair of poorly fitting orthotics. I've been chronic with PF for about 8 months now. This unstable ankle business is a new problem.

Re: Try

sandy h. on 6/28/04 at 07:32 (154064)

Try getting a new pair of orthotics that are less aggressive in pushing up your arch. It may be that your talus or other bones at the front of your foot are rubbing on each other and causing inflammation, which causes the clicking and the feeling of instability. That is what happened to me. I think it was the less aggressive orthotics that did it but I also did wobble board-style exercises and general calf stretches that push your heel away from the front of your foot.

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF

Mike W on 6/28/04 at 09:12 (154070)

Hello Matt,

Weak ankles could be a cause of PF.

For some good ankle and lower leg exercises you should check out http://www.foottrainer.com .


Mike W

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF

Janice N on 6/28/04 at 19:27 (154107)

What the heck is this made of that cost so darn much money? 69 dollars for what? Rather spend that on a good pair of shoes. And that little foot tool for $24.95. But then again I have seen little wooden gaggets that cost that much. Never knew why.
When you go to PT they can give you some of that stuff you use to stretch and exercise with. I think I would price exercise bands first. But if it helped you great.

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF

Dorothy on 6/28/04 at 20:13 (154112)

Janice N -

Unless you have tried the Foot Trainers, you might reconsider your criticism of them. I have no affiliation with this product and had a similar reaction to yours when I first became aware of them - but I was very urgently looking for ways to help myself get better. When I first saw the Foot Trainers, I still was uncertain and skeptical.....but then I began to use them and they made a big difference in my improvement. A big difference.
Most of us here have spent outrageous sums of money on everything from shoes of all sorts, multiple brands, to insoles/inserts, to orthotics, doctors, creams and elixirs, snake oils and promises - so the expenditure of funds is not a foreign concept to people in pain. I'm with you when it comes to being skeptical - BUT in the case of the Foot Trainers, they are a good product that works and they are a self-help product, which is a valuable aspect to me.
I always feel a little funny jumping in to defnd the Foot Trainers here because I have nothing to do with them - except that they help. They stretch and strengthen and they are not the same as using exercise bands; you have a different exercise process going on with the Foot Trainers.
I do not know this for a fact and am just guessing - but I am guessing that they are a little pricey because I think that Mr. Wilmot, who designed them and makes them - although I don't know WHO makes them - does it as a small manufacturing project, kind of a cottage industry.
Maybe he will discuss this here. But as for defending the benefit of using his product, I will speak up for that; it's a good product and it helps those who use it as instructed get better/recover completely. So, I ask you kindly not to criticise what you are not familiar with. I would like to see Mr. Wilmot do well because he seems like a nice person and he has a good product. No one is forcing you to buy it; that would be your choice. He has a money-back guarantee for, I think it is, 30 days. I think it is quite unfair for you to make a derogatory statement about a product you have never tried; anyone can visit the website and see what the costs are and decide for themselves.

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF

Mike W on 6/29/04 at 08:39 (154143)

Hello Janice,

For your information the cost of a plastic injection mold costs over $25,000.00, not to mention about $5,000.00 in engineering.

You cannot perform effective toe/foot exercises with a rubber band.

We offer 1 Foot Trainer for 39.95 to make it affordable for eveyone. Have you priced out custom orthotics or ESWT?

We also offer a 30 day unconditional guarantee. No other PF product or treatment does this.

I hope you find a solution to your PF.


Mike W

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF

Janice N on 6/30/04 at 12:58 (154256)

As I said if it helps great. And what I said is that is alot of money. And I know all too well about the money people spend for help. Speaking for myself I am struggling to pay for rent, a $127. light bill for a small apt and my meds to keep alive. So this is alot of money to me. And I only said maybe get exercise bands from a PT if you cant afford it. If these things work I think it is terrific. But when you are on a fixed income and many other health issues you have to find cheaper alternatives. So I am not being critical of the product itself but just the expense.
When you see pictures of products sometimes you just cant see why it cost so much. When I see wooden massage tools in stores with a hefty price tag I never understand that. For many yrs now I have done without alot of things. And not just all the little extras or things I would like to try. So I do the best I can. I would like to try a night splint but for me I dont have the money. On one site this podiatrist was trying to explain how to make one with a sock and a strap. I saw a night sock you can buy but it was almsot as high as a splint and I would kill myself getting up to the bathroom at night.
I live in a 10 story apt building for the elderly and disabled. Life can be tough for those struggling on such tight incomes. Most of us do without much needed medications and care. So yes I sometimes react to cost of things. yesterday was my birthday. and i was deely touched as some of these persons got together to celebrate with me. As I was handed a few cards with a dollar bill in it I was so touched. I know some of these persons struggled to give this as it was the end of the month. When I first got up ysterday I was somewhat depressed. I hurt so bad and another night with little sleep. The friend here who gave me the d party is 71 and on oxygen and struggling to breath. her apt had over 20 persons who came together to wish me a happy day. I cried when I got home. Somethings you cant put a price on.

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF

Janice N on 6/30/04 at 13:03 (154257)

What is affordable to one person is not to another. And I am not adding any nasty comments like I see done here when persons disagree. I am glad this has worked for some and but I am not a person with 40 dollars. If I were I wouldnt have anything against trying it.

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF

Dorothy on 6/30/04 at 15:20 (154272)

Janice N. -
You make some important points, Janice N. I understand what you are saying. I think we agree on your basic and most important points. I felt it was important to give a different perspective on a product that has helped me, has helped others, and that others might not know about at all.
I didn't want to leave your impression as the only one since it did not give an informed opinion; the only thing you know or mentioned is the price. We all have different levels of what we can afford - I wish I could go stay at a motel near Dr. Sandell's office for an indefinite time to have appointments with him - and you are right that some people may decide that the Foot Trainers are not what they want to spend money on. But I did a little cost/benefit analysis and decided that the cost for the Foot Trainers (a durable product with a 30-day money back guarantee and a projected long-life) had good potential to be a wise investment and something I was willing to save for since it held good promise. And it has been. I am more of a self-help person in search of a 'fix , not a 'patch , for problems. I think that for the money that people here spend on other treatments, surgeries, accessories, medicines and aids with no greater guarantee of good outcome and a greater potential for bad outcome, the Foot Trainers can be a good one-time/long-time investment of approx. $70.00 an amount that other people might spend easily on shoes, clothes, trips, special foods, cigarettes, alcohol, beauty shop visits, whatever. And ultimately, except for the grossly wealthy, we are all on 'fixed income. At least on the kind of fixed income you are describing, there is the advantage to the recipients of legislatively mandated cost of living annual increases in income; whereas for many of us still working, raises have not occurred for quite a few years because of fiscal constraints everywhere, yet we have ongoing large expenses and responsibilities. Fortunately, until recently, inflation has been less of a concern than in decades past so that one's static income can go a little farther than in periods of rising/high inflation. These things are rarely black or white, this way or that way. They are more complex. I simply didn't want your reaction to the price of something that you do not know anything else about to stand as the only evaluation of it. Your evaluation of the price and the reasons for your impressions are certainly valid and understandable, but are just one part of the picture. There are many, many things that are beyond budgetary reach, regardless of whether they hold the hope for improved health or not, but I'm not sure that $70.00 fits that category. It might take a while, but I would think that most people could eventually save $70.00 over time, but maybe I'm wrong about that. I've been poor in life, very poor, less poor and middle-class and I think I could always come up with some way to put aside $5.85 cents a month to save for something I really wanted ($5.85 a month = $70.20; Foot Trainers are currently about $70.00). We have a slightly different perspective, but I don't think we disagree too much. I hope you feel better soon and a belated Happy Birthday to you. Care to tell us how many?? And I share your view about relationships. I feel very blessed to have a wonderful circle of family and friends. It sounds as if you have apartment-mates who care about you in a very kind and thoughtful way. Again, happy birthday and best wishes.

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF - Blue Knobber Massager Tool

Anne L on 7/01/04 at 04:28 (154307)

A Belated Happy Birthday to Janice

For those on a tight budget, the 'brass knuckle'-like plastic back rubbing tool at Bath & Body Works (BBW) is still on sale until July 05, 2004. The plastic back massage knobber tool is on sale at US$2.00 plus sales tax. The tool's price is 75% off of US$8.00.

I am skeptical about all of those expensive PF aids and tools (trial and error method), too. I am not a doctor, and I have no association with Bath & Body Works and other stores. I am just a thrifty shopper.

The same knobber tool at a Back Products store is sold for US$10.00. At online stores, the same knobber tool starts at US$8.00. See the following websites for a reference picture:


http://www.comfortchannel.com/prod.itml/icOid/911 ,

The blue clear plastic back rubbing tool is called the 'Roll Over Back Massager' from the True Blue Spa line. That product is just like the Index Knobber II Hand Held Massage Tool. I purchased one of the Roll Over massager tool after reading Goose's 'My 2 Cents...'.

Check the location of your nearest BBW stores, and call them to, perhaps, reserve a knobber tool for you to pick up by Saturday. At the four stores in my area, the blue plastic knobber tools were in the True Blue Spa line area, and not in the 75% off sale area. One store had the knobbers tucked in a bottom drawer. So, you may have a very good chance of picking one up for US$2.00 plus sales tax.

Before you purchase the knobber tool, check for any scratches in the plastic, especially around the massaging ball and surface points.

The only problem was that there were no instructions. So, I read instructions from the Index Knobber II tool leaflet at the Back Products store, and here is my take on the applications:

1) Like on the websites above, by holding the tool in your fist around the finger grips, you can perform some deep tissue massaging with the ball knob. But, be careful not to hurt yourself. It is a bit awkward for a person to hold the knobber tool in one hand and to self-massage one's own opposite foot. Or you can have a friend help with the massaging.

2) It felt better to hold the knobber tool as shown and massage the opposite foot with the bottom end knob. Or you can flip the knobber tool upside down and massage with the other end of the knob.

3) You can use the flat dome side to massage the arch by gripping the finger ridge side of the tool with the fingers through the hole and the thumb around the single ball knob.

The arch and heel massaging with the knobber tool felt good to me. Regular thumbs and knuckles massaging were hurting my hands. It may be different for others. If the knobber tool does not work for you, you can just wash it up and return it. So, make sure that you keep the sales receipt.

Again, be careful not to hurt your feet more than you should with the deep tissue massaging. After massaging, you should follow-up with the icing.

Janice, you may want to use the taping method in Scott's Heal Pain Book for those tough walking days. Good Luck!

Thank you to all of the awesome people at this website who have given their great advice, suggestions and opinions!!!

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF - Blue Knobber Massager Tool

Anne L on 7/01/04 at 04:40 (154308)

July 05, 2004 is on Monday (oops, new month)

It is Scott's Heel Pain Book, rather than Heal Pain (same difference?!)

It is a bit late, or maybe, a bit early.

Re: Unstable Ankles and PF - Blue Knobber Massager Tool

Janice N on 7/02/04 at 00:26 (154366)

Thanks for the info. You know you dont think it takes that much to massage your own feet. But you find you dont really have enough strength in your hand to do it. You think they give you that human hand too to do the massaging? Guess that is asking too much. I have seen different kinds of doo dads in stores that are shaped like of strange and you wonder what the heck is that for? But some of those feel pretty good
on your back and feet. There is a B and B not too far away.