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RSD or Plantar Fasciitis?

Posted by Marsha G. on 6/28/04 at 21:38 (154125)

7 years ago I injured my left foot (grade 3 sprain)developed RSD immediately. Long story short, went through months of treatment,for that and the severe pain was gone. I only had pain if I was on my feet for long periods of time. Recently went to orthopedic dr for rt hip pain. and my left foot was painful. He sent me to PT for the hip. The PT dept gave me orthotics for my shoes. At first they were very painful but I wore them for a few hours each day until I could stand them all day. Now to my question, my hip is great (had injection) but my left foot is very painful. Late afternoon and night it is the most painful. My heel burns, and sometimes it feels like a vice grip is on my foot. I also feel like the bottom of my heel is walking right on the floor with no padding. The only thing that relieves this pain is to get off of it competely. My knee also is effected on the left. (had a MRI no internal derrangement seen) I can find NO shoes that feel good on my foot. NONE I am wearing a pair of walking shoes with the same orthotics.. Some nights I cannot sleep because it takes so long to relieve the pain....I do not take pain medications as they do not work. The only thing I have ever taken that helped with the pain is Ultracet. Could this be RSD related after all this time(pain increased in left foot with the orthotics) Or does this sound like Plantar Fasciitis? I know you cannot diagnosis me over the internet, but could you just give me your opinion of what kind of Dr, I should see or what route I should take next? Thank you for your time and God Bless.

Re: RSD or Plantar Fasciitis?

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/28/04 at 22:31 (154129)

This is a bit too hard a call without seeing you.

Re: RSD or Plantar Fasciitis?

Marty from SLC on 7/01/04 at 12:54 (154328)

Marsha G.

Sorry to hear your having problems. I'm not a doctor by any means but my suggestion to you would be to find a good podiatrist and possibly a neurologist to get opions.

Good luck,


Re: RSD or Plantar Fasciitis?

Marsha G. on 7/02/04 at 21:13 (154426)

thanks for your reply....I am no longer wearing the shoes with the orthotics and I feel some better.....not alot but some.....
Have a Happy 4th.

Re: RSD or Plantar Fasciitis?

Connie A. on 7/13/04 at 01:13 (155270)

Hi Marsha,

I have developed a very mild case of RSD, and other worse foot pain (not RSD) from wearing rigid orthotics. The pedorthotist who made them for me told me that rigid orthotics can sometimes (very very rarely) cause RSD, It's apparently the rigid orthotics that seem to cause RSD, So if your orthotics are rigid, then I would guess that what you have is RSD, not plantar fasciitis (though the two can also coexist!), I am still trying to find the solution to my problem. It will probably be to get orthotics that are a little less rigid: there are many different types of materials that orthotics can be made out of, with varying degrees of rigidity (so you can have less rigid, but still fairly rigid orthotics, if that's what you need, which is my case).

Hope this helps! I certainly can empathize with anyone who has foot pain!

Good luck!!

Re: RSD or Plantar Fasciitis?

Marsha G. on 7/20/04 at 15:29 (155936)

Hello Connie-thank you for your reply. I discontinued using the orthotics(they were made of plastic on the bottom and foam on the top) My pain was better for a short time period. I have been on my feet 6 to 7 hours per day and in a lot of pain. Last night it was so severe I almost went to ther emergency room. I have only been there twice in my life. I am 51 years old. As a last resort I pulled out my foot bath massager and added epson salt and warm water. Within minutes the pain went away. Almost competely. This foot bath vibrates. Ya got me on why it helped. I have not gone back to my Dr. as I am still not sure if I want to follow his treatment plan. He made a diagnosis of plantar faciitis with me only telling him one symptom. I had no physical exam at all. I have been going to this DR for ten years plus. I hate to start over but I will have to. I have been under alot of stress with family members being ill. My father in law passed away 6 weeks ago. My mother in law is ill and so is my mom.(sounds like a soap huh!)
Once again thank you for your reply and God Bless you