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Julie's stretches - how to find them

Posted by LARA on 6/29/04 at 12:50 (154152)

I just spent a half hour searching for Julie's Stretches (Julie's stretches, Julie - which got a lot of references but not the stretches , yoga stretches, etc.

Does anyone have the link to her stretches.


Re: Julie's stretches - how to find them

Julie on 6/29/04 at 13:59 (154159)

Hi Lara

Scott linked the exercises to the word yoga, and if you click on it you'll find them.

I hope they'll be helpful.

Re: Julie's stretches - how to find them

LARA on 6/30/04 at 08:33 (154204)

Thanks Julie.

Re: Julie's stretches - how to find them

Janice N on 7/02/04 at 00:36 (154367)

I tried the exercises last night and they really did help. I did them again today. But I got kind of carried away doing them. Sure glad to know the right ones to do now though and I just need to start out a little slower. Never been so happy to exercise.
It is funny and not haha funny how painful it can be to try and separate your toes. My sis n law gave me these things you put betweeen your toes for that reason and also can use to polish your toenails. And I just didnt realize it is not all that easy or pain
free. It does feel good after awhile though. Just adding that exercise wth the toes helped my whole foot. I found too if I put my foot against the wall at the head of my bed I can do some stretching and walking my foot up the wall that feels good.
i a trying to do somethings at the pool with my feet against the pool wall. But it feels good while I am doing it I am very sore from it when I get home.