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Dr ED DAvis thanks

Posted by John Martello on 6/29/04 at 18:04 (154173)


Thank you for being patient and answering my questions. I am just very hesistant to do the surgery my Foot and ankle ortho wants to implement.

Another question about tarsal tuunel release surgery you have stated for me to stay away from. Is it avoidable for me to have the tarsal tunel release to do the tenosynovectomy of the FHL and FDL tendons?

Re: Dr ED DAvis thanks

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/30/04 at 12:19 (154250)

If you are satisfied that you have tried all of the conservative treatments for the FDL and FHL, then consider the tenosynovectomy.

Re: You did not answer my question Dr ed

John Martello on 6/30/04 at 18:54 (154289)


I want to know if it is necessary to do a Tarsal tunnel release , to perform a tenosynoverctomy of the fhl fdl tendons?

Thank you