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Posted by john h on 6/30/04 at 11:00 (154221)

Yesterday day I flew to Dallas to see one of the Gurus of back problems at the Texas Back Institute and have a Discogram (yuk) and MRI. I had back surgery some 25 years ago at the L5/S1 level which was the result of being shot down in Vietnam. I went to a new facility named The Frisco Medical Center for my procedures. Only 25 beds and those for surgical patients only. Three story new building L shaped with half for various Doctors/Specialist Offices and the other half for surgery and procedures. This was the fanciest medical facility I had ever seen. The lobby was filled with paintings and marble floors and was like the lobby of New York's finest hotel. When I arrived no waiting and immediately I had about two people escorting me in to inform me of all that would happen and attend to my ever need. My waiting room for the procedures of course had adjustable beds and not just a TV but a flatscreen TV. the nurse came in about ever 5 minutes to see what I needed. If you want attention this is the place to come. Most discograms are generally given with locals to control the pain but you do have to be able to advise the physician of what you feel when he injects dye into a disc and more or less inflates it. They want to know what kind of pain and how much you are feeling. At this facility they put you to sleep and wake you when they inject the dye. I have had one of these procedures about 5 years ago and the pain was very similiar to what I always have. Yesterday they sort of hit the jackpot because at one level L5/SI they hit the jackpot because when they injected the dye here I had some very major pain. Actually this is good news (I think). After this procedure they immediately do a CAT scan to see where the dye is. I had my MRI before the Discogram. After it was all over I was wheeled into recovery and advised them I was starved. They said the chef would prepare me anything I wanted and withing 10 minutes I was served my personal order right out of the kitchen. They then asked who was driving me home? Yuk! I said I was taking a taxi to the airport and flying home at 6:15pm. That disturbed them but I was feeling fine and ready to go. This did not please them but they had a taxi waiting for me by the time I was dressed. My drive to the airport was the most dangerous part of the trip as I told the taxi (Mideast native) driver I had 45 minutes until takeoff. We sped from Frisco, Texas to Dallas love field at about 90mph in the rain. At Love I had 15 minutes until boarding when I arrived at the terminal. I also wanted to change my flight as the one I was scheduled on was not leaving for 3 hours. I looked like O.J. Simpson running through the airport and in 15 minutes changed flights, got through security. and was actually the first one to board the full aircraft. We taxied out and then at the end of the takeoff runway shutdown the engines for over one hour because of storms in the area. I guess I must have run rather fast (not jog) for at least 300 yds as I was not even thinking about my feet. It will be seveal days or a week before my Physican puts all these test together to as Wendy would say put a name to my on going problem. I did notice a foot specialist in this facility. The facility is owned by the Doctors and is affiliated with Baylor Medical School. P.S. My wife just called and said my Nurse at the facility just phoned to see how I was doing. What a hospital and yes the accept Medicare.

Re: Discogram,MRI

Pauline on 6/30/04 at 11:14 (154229)

A note worthy post, one to print and save for future reference. I hope they get to the bottom of your problem and thanks again for the reference.

Re: Discogram,MRI

Dorothy on 6/30/04 at 11:17 (154231)

First, I must say - you get around!! Second, I must say - what a man!!
Third, I must say - this is (another) great account from you of something interesting and significant going on in your treatment or explorations that may also benefit others of us here. Thank you - and I hope you will tell us what you learn as you gather more info.

Question: when they provoked 'major pain' at L5/S1, didn't that pain then linger?? Did they just provoke it and then it subsided??

Re: Discogram,MRI

john h on 6/30/04 at 12:07 (154247)

Dorothy: When they triggered the pain at level L5/S1 and I advised them I went back to dreamland. I cannot remember if they did the other two levels before or after but I do know that L5/S1 was major pain and if I had not been half sedated I might have made some noise. By the time I was fully awake the major pain I had experienced was gone. The Doctor said he would normally have given me some pain killer through the IV at that time but knew I was flying out of town so administered me no pain meds. I am really anxious to see what the Doctor derrives from those pictures made during the discogram and what his conclusions are from my reaction to the dye injections. I assume dye leakage and where it leaks from would have some significance.

Re: Discogram,MRI

john h on 6/30/04 at 12:21 (154251)

Dorothy: I found the website for the Medical Center. It is:

Look under pictures and they have a picture of the Lobby and a room. Maybe more as I have not explored the site.

Re: Discogram,MRI

Dorothy on 6/30/04 at 15:38 (154275)

It looks beautiful. I wish I could pack up my back (and maybe my feet can trail along, too) and send it down there for repairs and rejuvenation! I am sincerely hoping good things for yours.
I have made a note of/saved the link and your information. It sounds excellent.

Re: Discogram,MRI

wendyn on 7/04/04 at 20:24 (154496)

Wow John, I've been gone for close to a week and I'm just catching up. Saw your post since you used my name.

That sounds like quite a facility!!! Certainly something we'll never see with socialized medical care.

Re: Discogram,MRI

john h on 7/05/04 at 09:35 (154523)

Welcome back Wendy. I am going back in a few weeks to see what the Doctor thinks after he looks over all the test. I saw him on Good Morning America a few years ago.