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Posted by JADO H on 6/30/04 at 14:56 (154268)

I am wondering if anyone has used an air cast and had positive
results. Has anyone gone to a Chiropractor for treatment and had positive results with adjustments of the feet?

It seems as if most of what I read is about what does not
work for people. I am trying to decide if it is worth my effort.
I am 26 years old, 138 pounds, and very active with working out, working in my yard, playing with my dogs, etc. Basically, I am not sure if I can handle the lifestyle change of doing very little. I would probably become
very depressed - however my feet are getting much worse. I have been struggling for about 9 months. I have orthodics and they help some but I am still in quite a bit of pain. If anyone has any comments I would love to hear them. Thanks.



John from MN on 6/30/04 at 15:07 (154270)

Here is my story, may help you.



JADO H on 6/30/04 at 16:23 (154278)


I was wondering what type of doctor did you go to for the massage
technique? Thanks.



R C on 7/01/04 at 07:50 (154312)

There is no reason to believe that chiropractic adjustment will help your PF. However, some chiropractors do what really amounts to physical therapy, which might help. If you choose to go to a chiropractor, please search the web for information on increased risk for strokes associated with neck manipulations.

I've tried hard casts, air cast, and cam walker. Only the hard cast yielded anything positive, and in that case, it is because I used crutches and stayed off the injured foot completely. That, I believe is the key. My orthopedic doc says he has a 90% success rate using 4 weeks of cast+crutches for PF. (I was a sad case, needed 8 weeks.)

I urge you to consider swimming instead of weight bearing exercises until the PF is resolved. Every bit if rest helps, and every painful step is a step backward.

Good luck--


john h on 7/01/04 at 09:52 (154315)

R.C. Last year I went to a Chiropractor who had a very persuaive advertisement about treating plantar fasciaitis. I should have known he would want to add in a little Chriopractic. After working on the foot he asked me sit in a chair and did the standard neck adjustment of rapidly popping the neck to each side. I advised him I had a neck fusion some 20+ years pas but he said that was no problem. Actually it was as my neck hurt for several days.This was totally stupid on my part and I accept responsibility for letting him do it. I then recalled reading the same information you mention that neck adjustments can be dangerous for various reasons. I advised my orthopedic spine surgeon of the dumb thing I had let him do and he said this was definitely not appropriate in light of my neck fusion. Some major hospitals have Chiropractors on staff so there are ones out there who know waht they are doing and their limitations and can be helpful. They can be helpful when they use appropriate procedures but there are many charlatins in this profession and you need to be able to pick the ones who know what they are doing. I would shy away from any that treatment almost anything including the common cold. At one time they had so called Life Centers which solicited the entire family for treatment.


john h on 7/01/04 at 11:02 (154320)

R.C. I have not run much less sprint in some 9 years because of bilateral PF. Yesterday I had only minutes to catch a plane in the Dallas airport. I did not want to wait for an additional 4 hours until the next flight. I went into a full all out sprint for at least 300-400 yds dodging people all the way and making sharp laterial moves. You are doing some heavy duty pushing off on your toes and really stressing the fascia by doing this.I did have on my running shoes with orthotics. I just sort of forgot myself at the moment. So far I have no side effect just the normal foot pain I experience. Makes one wonder what PF is all about. There have been times when i did nothing to create foot pain and for reasons unknown my foot pain would increase. Do any of you Doctors have any explanation for this?.


Pauline on 7/01/04 at 13:27 (154331)

An interesting post. I often wonderd why newborns need adjustments when they are only days old. Not something I would do but there seem to be plenty of folks out there that believe it's necessary.


JADO H on 7/01/04 at 13:28 (154332)

Gosh - no not really. Everytime I go in to the pod. and I tell him it hurts he asks what have you been doing? Honestly - I teach aerobics - kickboxing and also pilates. He always blames kickboxing - but really it does not seem to bother my feet as much as one would think. Since I teach the class I can control the bouncing. I try to keep everything low key with step touches and taps - I usually tell the class that they can increase the intensity on their own by coming up on their toes. I try to stay in control - but I love to workout hard so sometimes I do more than I should. Jumping Jacks are probably not a good thing for PF and spurs.
What really hurts my feet the most is doing yard work. Planting flowers,
triming roses, moving mulch - etc. I think it is from the swatting, bending, walking on uneven surfaces, etc. I am not sure about the air cast - both feet hurt almost equally. I am not sure if my lifestyle would accept wearing a cast. I am also afraid that the foot without the cast would hurt more because of the excess pressure placed on it.

Have you ever really followed a strict daily routine for stretching, icing, etc for a long period of time - say 1 or 2 months? I have continuously tried to do everything the DOC has suggested but honestly I get lazy and dont do it like I should. I wonder what would happen if I really stuck to something for a month or even a week.

This site makes me really scared. I am only 26 years old and I do not want to limit the rest of my life. I love being active. I guess only time will tell. Thanks for your comments. I think this site is going to be a great resource for advice and support.



R C on 7/01/04 at 14:36 (154339)

Neo-natal and pediatric chiropractic adjustments should be a felony. It's nothing but a scam and a threat to public health. If you are an adult and choose to go to a chiropractor, fine - it's your money and it's a free country. But to put a child through this is criminal. Don't just don't take my word for it. See what principled chiropractors themselves have written at http://www.chirobase.org .


Ed Davis, DPM on 7/03/04 at 11:14 (154452)

Please take the time to read Scott's Heel Pain Book on this site. It gives you a good overview of what the treatments for PF are. It is not so much the type of practitioners but the type of treatments that matter. Although, as a podiatrist, feet are my specialty so I would recommend people in my profession as they are trained in the full spectrum of treatments discussed in the book.


john h on 7/04/04 at 09:58 (154482)

From just waching the post on this board for many many years my take is that more people had poor results from long term casting than good results. Some posted of other problems developing from non use of the leg. I cannot remember a single post that said it cured me. Rest is one thing but non use of the foot/leg is very much another. I would think a Doctor would be very careful in prescribing this treatment..


Pauline on 7/04/04 at 10:36 (154484)

My fear of cast usage with P.F. is also associated with the restriction expecially the ankle joint. Having used a cast I experienced the result which was stiffness, however, less than one could probably expect from a broken ankle having to be cast because the injury of the ankle would certainly its play in causing stiffness. It doesn't appear that most people need physical therapy when the case is removed for P.F. usage.

I personally didn't feel it provided any relief and possibly caused more problems for the other foot because of the difference in elevation, the casted foot being higher then my running shoe. I would imagine had I been using crutches all of the time this wouldn't have happened.

If you did a search I think you'd find at least one person that posted a positive treatment experience with a cast, perhaps more. By Scott's own survey the result looks somewhat better. This being his result. Cast 51 63% 13%. 51 returns, 63% helped and the 13% was plus or minus 95% confidence. I don't know if that was confidence in the doctor or in the treatment. I'm going to assume it was the cast.


Jill H. on 7/04/04 at 15:35 (154489)

An ortho. surgeon gave me a cast which I wore for only 1.5 weeks. Going to PT, the therapist told me that my ankle was extremely tight. I decided that the cast was doing more harm than good so I took it off. Since it was a walking cast, it still hurt when I walked. I have had PF for almost 6 months and am extremely frustrated since I still can't go to a store without crutches.