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Need some help on plantar and hammer toe

Posted by teresa on 6/30/04 at 17:07 (154282)

Well here I am again asking all yall good people for some advice. I went back to my Doctor today and he gave me another cortisone injection which makes 4 in about 6 to 7 weeks with no help. It seems like my hammer toe is just as bad as my plantar fascitis which he is not treating. I am getting so tired of this pain. I am going to get a second opinion on the 14th of July. I hope he helps me my doctor now says something about doing ewst dont know about that yet. Ive been off work with this since the 5-17-04 dont know when I will be able to go back he says I can go back when I feel like I can do it but Im not no better then when I first went to see him and he took me off work. I went to the mall with my kids over the weekend had to sit down every 15 minutes for the pain by the time I got home my foot was swelled really bad any kind of help will be appreciated or any kind of advice. Thank You

Re: Need some help on plantar and hammer toe

john h on 6/30/04 at 21:44 (154298)

teresa from all I have read three shots in a year should be about max as the cortisone causes a breakdown in the tissue/fascia where it is injected. This can lead to rupture of the fascia, tendon, etc.