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cortisone shots for heel pain

Posted by Justine F on 6/30/04 at 22:39 (154302)

I must also respond to author's assessment of the 'painfullness' of shots as therapy. I do not question credibility of respondents who characterize injections as 'horrific', but my experience has been very different. In the hands of a skilled, experienced clinician, injections need not be painful, only slightly and briefly uncomfortable. I have had 2 series of injections for heal spur syndrome over the last 5 years and have found them to be very effective in relieving acute, disabling pain caused by inflammation. My doctor used an air gun and needle variously, and I never found them painfull at all. They can be an effective method in relieving unbearable pain as a start to longer term therapy. By the way, my clinician was a podiatrist, so perhaps that specialty has more experience in the matter.

Having said that, thank you for a wonderful and informative website. I am seldom inspired to respond to ANY message board, so you got my attention.

Thanks for reading my post.

Re: cortisone shots for heel pain

john h on 7/01/04 at 10:33 (154317)

Each of perceives pain in a different manner. Since we cannot measure pain with any scientific accuracy it is all in the eye of the beholder. I have had 4 shots and I would describe the pain as sharp but since it lasted for only a second or two is very easy to deal with. Some cultures/societys deal with pain much differently than our society and seem to be able to bear pain much easier. I watched on TV as an Army Colonel in Vietnam have his leg amputated above the knee with no medication what so ever. It was done in the field and I never did hear why they could not give him any meds or put him under. It may have been due to his other injuries. He was one toug dude. He bit down on something and was able to still curse all the way but he did not screem. In my younger days I was not much for needles but over time and so many needles in my back and disc I have come to think that these needle punctures do not hurt very much. Perception becomes reality. The worst pain I have ever endured was a kidney stone and that would be hard to top. Sir Issac Newton perhaps the most brilliant man who ever lived died from a kidney stone. We have been talking about good reads recently. You will find a short soft copy of the biography of Sir Issac Newton and it is hard to put down.

Re: cortisone shots for heel pain

Janice N on 7/02/04 at 00:01 (154365)

I have suffered from kidney stone for twenty yrs.
Been down on my knees praying it would pass so I didnt have to go to the ER. Then 14 yrs of Fibromyalgia pain. Had a torn Rotator cuff, Carpal tunnel in both wrist, arthritis in both knees, siatica and something wrong with my wirst where there is alot of soft tissue swelling. And with all the pain this foot problems make me st up and take notice of some pretty serious pain. I thought I felt it all. And I just turned 48. Never ever thought this would happen to me.
With all these problems and numerous steriod injection they sure hurt to me. I fractured my coccyx 8 yrs ago and dont think it doesnt hurt to have an injection in that area. Have mercy! And some drs are better than others giving them that is for sure. I have thought about after all these injections which area hurt the most to have it done.It all hurt except one done to the knee was not too bad. I am one of those who it gets much worse after the injection before it gets better. And a dose pack makes me have terrible pain that feels like it is down to the bone. I sound like a hypercondriac listing all these alments here.
It is like when a new patient comes into the hospital. And you ask do you have such and such. And they say do I ever. And start listing off all theses illnesses and medications and act real proud of it all. But with me it is just a list of what Ihave had and had done to me. Sure not proud I let myself get into such shape with some avoidable things I have.

Re: cortisone shots for heel pain

john h on 7/02/04 at 09:44 (154380)

Anyone of these would make most of us cry 'Uncle'. I am without words or wothwhile advice.

Re: cortisone shots for heel pain

Kathy G on 7/02/04 at 10:45 (154385)

Whoa, Janice! You can't feel responsible for many of those ailments that you listed! I suffer from some of the same, myself, and I have no control over the fact that my body has betrayed me. You shouldn't beat yourself up over it. It's not your fault; it's the hand that nature dealt you. All you can feel responsible for is how you manage it and how you respond to it.

I can't imagine some of the pain you've experienced. I hope you have found some relief from all that you mentioned.

Re: cortisone shots for heel pain

Janice N on 7/02/04 at 19:14 (154422)

One day at a time Kathy. I know there are some things I could have done differently I guess . But I am trying really hard to do things to make it better. I made it to the pool three times this wk. I guess with I was talking about being responsible was letting my weight get out of control. Just added to some of these problems. My feet for sure. You know how some drs can be. Has to be all about your weight no matter what the problem is. And sometimes they are right.
I sure am tempted to crawl to the bathroom sometimes. I can just see my two cats down on the floor with all thre of us headed that way. Think I will stick to the standup postion.