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Toe surgery

Posted by Betzabe B on 7/01/04 at 14:14 (154337)

I have my big R toe fractured twice. My podiatrist recommended surgery many years ago. Firs I couldn't do it, but now that it got worse with another fracture I am not very convince about this surgery. My toe hurts and the sole of my foot hurts when I stay on my feet for too long. The worse is the numbness that I have on my toe. Beside is pointing up, it lost its shape. It is very uncomfortable to find a sandal that doesn't touch it where it hurts or to wear closed shoes.
My questions are, since she wants to clean the bone and take the bone and tissue that are damaged. 1. Should I get a second opinion from an Orthopedic Doctor that specializes in foot and ankle? 2. Is it there other kind of intervention for this?

I will really appreciate your knowledgeable answer,