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tarsal tunnel

Posted by Jo B on 7/01/04 at 18:43 (154348)

I have the feeling that behind my toes on the sole of my left foot that I am walking on something the size of a walnut there. There is no outward lump. My doctor is wanting to do surgery and I am unsure.. Is anyone out there having this sensation?

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Re: tarsal tunnel

Pauline on 7/01/04 at 19:40 (154351)

Jo B,
Before you go jumping into any surgery make certain you have a diagnosis.
Right now it sounds like you don't have any idea what you have going on.
I'd advise a second opinion and certainly at the very least more conversation with your current doctor. Then do you part and research the condition and possible treatments. No surgery is without risks and I don't know of any quarantees that come along with any surgery saying you'll be pain free afterwards so please do your homework ahead of time.

Re: tarsal tunnel

LARA on 7/01/04 at 21:55 (154358)

I second what Pauline says.

Also, doesn't sound like TTS to me - did your doctor say he was doing a TTS release. I'm guessing maybe he wants to go get the 'lump' out, in which case I assume he would do an MRI first to see what he or she can find out.

While symptoms vary widely, most symptoms of TTS are consistent with nerve pain. I don't think a 'lump' is consistent with nerve pain - but maybe someone else knows better.

Re: tarsal tunnel

Janice N on 7/01/04 at 23:05 (154361)

Yes I have the same thing. It is where I had a Neuroma removed many yrs go. Also the same feeling on the other foot. I have even stopped when out somewhere to see if I have something stuck in my shoe. Like Pauline suggested get more information and dont jump into anything.