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To: Bill

Posted by John from MN on 7/02/04 at 12:05 (154397)

It was a pleasure meeting you today and I am glad to hear of your success with your PF. I hope I will see you on the starting line at the Twin Cities Marathon in Octoboer.

Re: To: Bill

Elyse B on 7/02/04 at 13:13 (154401)

is Bill another Dr. Sandell patient?

Re: To: Bill

John from MN on 7/02/04 at 13:51 (154402)

Yes, he has been going to see Dr. Sandell for a month now and has made major progess. He said he was going to post his treatment results shortly.

Re: To: Bill

Pauline on 7/02/04 at 19:06 (154421)

Does anyone beside me wonder why John would introduce us to Bill without Bill introducing himself via a post first? Obviously Bill must be reading the board and could have posted or why would John be talking to him if he didn't think he'd see the message? Just thinking out loud.

Re: To: Bill

John from MN on 7/02/04 at 19:15 (154423)

Because I just met Bill today for the first time. I did not know he was a patient. Dr. Sandell introduced him to me. Bill lives in Roseville MN just 15 minutes away from me and is just one of hundreds of people who only monitor this board without posting.

From what Bill told me he has been in treatment for 1 month, 3 times a week. I think it would be best if he told you his story. I know Place will be going back home this weekend and I would love to hear how here treatment went.

Re: To: Bill

john h on 7/03/04 at 10:57 (154448)

I guess Bill marches to his own drum.