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DR. Z update for you

Posted by Todd W. on 7/02/04 at 15:33 (154409)

Hello Dr. Z,
went to dr. xrayed my foot and found some type of dark spots on my metatarsals and said them were signs of RSD. Going back to Pain Clinic I guess. Also going to get NCT test and to a rheummy and bone scan again. One question when I get NCT will the needles he pokes me with irritate me if I actually do have RSD? and what are those spots on my bones that are as my pod. says 'typical of RSD' Thank you

Re: DR. Z update for you

Dr. Z on 7/02/04 at 18:00 (154418)


The spots could be decreased bone density changes that may be indicative of RSD. That is a good question about RSD and and NCT. You have to ask the neuro guy about that one.