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Question about different orthotics.

Posted by dud on 7/02/04 at 19:34 (154424)

I have a question for anyone who may have an answer about orthotics..I have been suffering from PF for about 18 months and recently had ESWT done on my right foot.

I have 3 different pairs of orthotics and I wear them in different shoes because they each feel better depending on the footwear. For example..I wear my custom NW Podiatric Fiberglass Orthotics in my Rockports which I wear to work, I wear Powersteps in my Merrells (casual shoes), and I wear a pair of custom Rocky Mountain orthotic lab orthotics in my running shoes.

Is this OK that I wear 3 different orthotics or should I stick to just one pair. The problem is....this combination feels the best to my feet. If I try to mix them up...they feel worse.

What is frustrating is that I did not wear orthotics for 28 years of my life (I am 30) and part of me says to heck with them all.

I want to get better..so can anyone relate to this..or have any advice???


Re: Question about different orthotics.

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/03/04 at 11:19 (154453)

The purpose of the orthotics is to decrease excess strain on the plantar fascia. It sounds like you have invested a lot in your cure so I would not give up on the orthotics at this point. Wear the combination that gives you the most comfort.

Re: Question about different orthotics.

RACHAEL T. on 7/05/04 at 08:57 (154519)

I too, 'switcheroo' orthotics depending upon the shoes & 'the day'!!! I think that helps actually.

Re: Question about different orthotics.

AndyO on 7/12/04 at 11:35 (155171)

I think that the different orthotics are making up for the differing shortcomings of each type of shoe.
I find that shoes which have too much cushion are bad for my feet and allow too much flexing. I use a very stiff insert with high arch in this type of shoe, and I can get by. But with a less stiff insert, my feet hurt. In firmer shoes, I need less stiffness in the insert to feel good. My 'best' shoes are flexible from the ball of the foot forwards, but inflexible from the ball backwards. I can actually wear these without orthotics! They are all leather wing tips.
My problem started when I switched from all leather shoes to rubber shoes (rubber soled shoes) that allowed too much flexing of my foot and, I believe, overflexing of the fascia.
My PF does not bother me anymore. It took 18 months to cure.
Good luck.

Re: Question about different orthotics.

Rose on 7/12/04 at 22:39 (155265)

I have three pairs, one hard, one semi solt and one soft. I just leave them in the three pairs of shoes, the only shoes I wear. One pair SAS, one New BAlance running and the other NB walking. The change makes my feet happy.

Re: Question about different orthotics.

Ed Z on 7/13/04 at 18:10 (155351)

Are you removing the insoles from your shoes before inserting your orthotics? You need to get to the flat bed of your shoe, any shoe, in order for the orthotic to sit and function correctly. The one that gives the most relief at this point is the one you should use the most (primary). The others can be used to give your feet a rest from the strain of the primary orthotic.