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Dr Z -- help!

Posted by Sheri G. on 7/02/04 at 20:19 (154425)

Dr. Z -- I found the thread with Monica and hoped to ask you some questions:

I had surgery on both heels for Haglund's deformity (2.5 and 3 years ago). The first one (which was significantly worse) has worked out great --

but I've had problems with the second one: I cannot raise up on my toe. After physical therapy didn't solve the problem, I was referred to a physical medicine doctor. He said I may never recover full (or, even, more) function -- something about the way the muscle fibers in my calf are lining up. Can you give me more information, or refer me to some reading material?


Re: Dr Z -- help!

Dr. Z on 7/02/04 at 22:04 (154427)

Did you have an MRI of the Achilles and other tendons of that route into the foot. There has to be some type of partial tear of a tendon.
Would you go thru surgery for this problem. If not a brace is the another type of treatment option

Re: Dr Z -- help!

Sheri G. on 7/08/04 at 08:24 (154841)

Thanks -- I haven't had that -- it's been several years since the surgery -- is it too late?