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To dud: Deep water running

Posted by Anne L on 7/04/04 at 01:58 (154477)

In the past, I have tried the noodle rings and inflatable rings, but they were not comfortable.

I have an Aqua Jogger Active belt. It is a lot of fun. You can get a good workout. It works best in deeper water while keeping your head above the water.

The Active belt is 27 inches around of foam and the rest of the length is an adjustable web belt. I find that the Active belt's contoured piece is a bit too high for me, and sometimes, I turn it upside down or I turn it to the front. This belt was purchased at Wal-Mart last year. So, I am not sure if they still sell them. Major sporting goods store and pool supply stores sell them or those from different manufacturers, but the selections are fewer, and the prices are higher.

I just shopped around for these items at stores and online this past week. At the Allegro Medical website, I ordered a new Aqua Jogger belt for my sister and a couple of hitches to stay in place.

They seemed to have the lowest online prices for most of these water fitness items (but other items are more expensive). I am waiting for the delivery of the water fitness items. Be aware that their return policy is not as liberal, and there are restocking fees of between 15% and 23%, if the items purchased are not defective. You have to know exactly what you want to order and keep.

If you sign up a new account, you may receive a special discount promotion code by email when available after you save some items in a wish list. Or you can Google for coupons. A recent discount for $10 off of $25 purchase just expired June 30. Sorry that I missed your post. Shop around online for the best prices. Some online shops will price-match, too.

Amazon.com (for BodyTrends) has the items, too, with a promotion that ends July 08. But they are more costly.

Check on the best size for yourself at http://www.aquajogger.com or call, and order from a less expensive shop. Finding the correct size is important for comfort, posture and buoyancy, since the contoured piece should fit well in the backside.

There are different products for different body shapes, that is,
1) normal folks (Classic or Active)
2) skinner frames (Fit)
3) fuller frames/petite sizes/pregnant woman/smaller backside (Shape)
and others

Hope that this helps!