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Posted by john h on 7/04/04 at 10:14 (154483)

Critique: It has rained for about 10 days and 10 nights in Little Rock. Finally clearing today and into the 90's so I will get after the yard (in my birks).

I went to see Spiderman II last night as I am into super hero movies. Supprisingly the theatre was less than half full for a 5pm showing, It was on 3 screens in the complex. It is supposed to gross well over 100 million this weekend so where were the people. Just me and a bunch of kids.

A true super hero movie with a great villian. I liked it along with all the other kids in the movie so if you are into super hero movies it is worth a go. I even got to prop my feet up in the air on the empty seats in front of me. In fact I forgot about my feet. Of course Spiderman wins the girl. Do super heros ever lose the girl?

Re: Spiderman

Dr. Z on 7/04/04 at 14:53 (154488)

Can't wait to see it. !!!

Re: Spiderman

wendyn on 7/04/04 at 21:08 (154497)

John, my youngest went to see it this evening (is there as we speak). Number 2 son said it was really good.

Re: Spiderman

Dorothy on 7/05/04 at 00:42 (154508)

John - Did you by any chance see 'The Day After Tomorrow'? It was criticized for the bad science and by some for the dialogue - but I thought the criticism was misplaced; it's just a movie, not an educational film!! It's just plain entertainment but has some pretty amazing visual stuff in it and has one of the best opening scenes I've seen in a movie in a long time. I'm guessing you would like the aerial point of view through what appear to be fiords. Anyway, I thought it was a good movie experience, but my husband wasn't so favorable about it. It's one of those movies that is best seen on a big screen, I think.

Re: Spiderman

Carole C in NOLA on 7/05/04 at 07:37 (154515)

Frank and I went to see Spiderman last night. It was very entertaining! Spiderman's inner struggles to do the right thing, also added a human dimension to the movie that seems typical of Marvel superhero stories.

I was surprised to find out that the first Spiderman comic book was in 1962. I had thought it was much earlier than that.

Carole C

Re: Spiderman

john h on 7/05/04 at 09:55 (154525)

Have not seen it Dorothy. I will probably see it on DVD when it comes out which should be soon. I just orderd from eBay 'Mystic River and 'Cold Mountain' and of course 'Pandora and The Flying Dutchman' from Amazon. eBay has a site http://www.half.com which is mostly used DVD's at very low prices. I can generally buy one for $7-$8 and sell it back for the same or a couple dollars less. With a flatscreen HD these DVD's are almost as good as being at the big screen.

Re: Spiderman

john h on 7/05/04 at 10:04 (154528)

Spiderman just set a new all time record for a weekend opening. Something like $150 million.

Re: Spiderman

Richard, C.Ped on 7/06/04 at 13:53 (154622)

We watched 'Miracle' last night. Great feel good movie. I remember watching the actual hockey game.

Re: Spiderman

john h on 7/08/04 at 11:10 (154852)

Richard: My feel good movie is 'Apocalypse Now'!

Re: Spiderman

Dorothy on 7/08/04 at 15:30 (154871)

John H -
(Butting in, I am...) I love Apocalypse Now, but why do you say it is your feel-good movie?? Are you joking with Richard and I missed the joke? - or is there something about the movie that makes you say this?
Have you also read Conrad's Heart of Darkness (Apocalypse Now based on this)??
Not your relative, not planning a visit, you are safe, I remain ~

p.s. John H - when you get more information from Baylor, I hope you will share here. You said, as I recall, you should hear something in the next couple of weeks or so...

I'm sorry that your PT work recently hasn't brought more positive results, but glad you got some good information and techniques out of it - and hope that they will continue to keep you going strong!

Re: Spiderman

Richard, C.Ped on 7/09/04 at 10:28 (154927)

John, why am I not suprised??

Re: Spiderman

john h on 7/09/04 at 11:32 (154936)

Yes Dorothy I was messing with Richard although I did enjoy the movie. The movie was really way out as far as being authentic to the real world but certain scenes sort of stick in your head for some reason. I really remember the scene where the guy was skiing behind the boat to the tune of 'i can't get no satisfaction'? I can watch Marlon Brando's scenes over and over and read something different into them each time. I think I have seen ever movie ever made about Vietnam and every documentary on the History Channel made about Vietnam not because I like war but because I was there. Most movies are not even close to what really happened. Today's war movies have replaced the Western's we watched as children. The difference is Roy,Gene, and Hoppy always fought fair and won.