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How to tell the difference between tss and rsd

Posted by Darlene on 7/04/04 at 20:07 (154495)

In the evenings my feet begin to burn on all the plantar surfaces that are in contact with my running shoes. These same areas are red. I also have inner ankle pain and having been walking with an altered gait for 5 months.

If this is the beginning of tss, how could I mitigate it? I had nerve conduction tests, an MRI and a diagnostic ultrasound. All were normal except for the morton's neuroma. The less I use my feet, the better they are.

I wear orthotics, but felt that the back of the arch was digging into me even though they are soft, so I switched back to my Birkenstock inserts. The heel tingling and pins and needles has subsided, but not the burning sensation on the ball and heel of both feet. I feel it more in my left foot which had nerve decompression surgery in January.

Would osteopathy be good for this?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.